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Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty is New York's landmark and one of the most famous attractions worldwide. With its numerous symbols and unique history, it is a goal on every bucket list. Have you always wanted to enjoy a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline? With our tips, you'll learn how!
Hannah Gottlieb-KettlBy Hannah Gottlieb-Kettl
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Visit Lady Liberty and delve into the history of the USA. Secure your ticket here!
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New York City: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island with Ferry
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(8707)
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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ticket: Ferry from Battery Park
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(1575)
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NYC: Statue of Liberty Sunset Cruise Skip-the-Line Ticket
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(268)
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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ticket: Ferry from New Jersey
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(151)
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Book your tour or enjoy the benefits of your Fast-Track ticket!
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NYC: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(3298)
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4.5-Hour City Tour: Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, Wall Street
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(1640)
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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour: All Options
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NYC: Circle Line Statue of Liberty Cruise Skip-The-Line
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(374)
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Do you want to make your visit a special experience? Book your boat trip at sunrise or a combo tour here.
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NYC: Wall Street Tour with 9/11 Memorial and Statue Ferry
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(292)
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New York City: Day Sail to Statue of Liberty on America 2.0
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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(1136)
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New York City Statue of Liberty Super Express Cruise
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(1765)
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4 tips for visiting the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty | Photo: Unsplash, Avi Werde
Book as early as possibleSince the sought-after tickets can be booked out months in advance, book your ticket as early as possible. If you haven't found availability, still check our site regularly - due to cancellations, a booking slot may become available.
Lady Liberty at night
Plan enough timeA tour across Ellis and Liberty Island typically lasts three to five hours. Since there is a security check both before boarding the ferry and before entering the statue, additional waiting times can occur.
Dress according to the seasonDepending on the season, weather conditions can vary greatly. Since you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, it is recommended to not forget appropriate rain protection. Take a rain poncho or a small umbrella with you, as large umbrellas are forbidden. Also, good shoes are an absolute must!
Travel with light luggage (Security!)Since large bags are not allowed on Liberty and Ellis Island and there is no option to store them on-site, only take a small bag with you.

Attention: Backpacks are also not allowed inside the statue!
Great Symbols | Photo: Unsplash, Jeff Burak

Statue of Liberty - a symbol of freedom

The 92.99 meters (305 ft) tall and almost 225 tons (225 tons) heavy statue was a gift from France in the year 1886 to celebrate the Declaration of Independence, which Lady Liberty carries in the form of a tablet under her arm. As an emblem of the independence of the USA, the Statue of Liberty still stands for political freedom and democracy today - two cornerstones of American society.

350 pieces

For the sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, Lady Liberty became the work of his life. He spent nearly 21 years working on the statue, whose framework was constructed by none other than Gustave Eiffel. Due to its size, the statue had to be disassembled into 350 parts for transport. Packed in 214 crates, it was then shipped by freighter to New York, which represented an incredible effort for that time!

Shortage of Funds and Criticism for Construction

Lady Liberty was 'born' into a time of economic depression. Since the Americans had to pay for the pedestal themselves, the entire project was under severe criticism for a long time. Even the art world at the time preferred realistic monuments over allegories and symbolism. In the end, the height of the pedestal was reduced from 34.75 m (114 ft) to 27.13 m (89 ft), and the statue could be placed on the completed pedestal in 1886.
Inside the Statue | Photo: Unsplash, Grace Estrada

Guardian of Values

With shackles broken at her feet, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom and the history of the USA as an ‘immigrant country’. She holds the torch as a symbol of enlightenment high above her head, adorned with a crown of seven rays that are intended to represent the continents. Independence, openness, tolerance, and freedom - Lady Liberty is seen as an icon for the values of the American way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many steps are there to the crown?

The ascent to the crown is strenuous. You must climb 354 steps in a narrow, enclosed area to reach the platform. The steps themselves are partly flat and taper off at one end. Read more.

Can I take my toddler to the crown?

Children are allowed to visit the crown only if they are at least 107 cm (42 in) tall and can manage the ascent and descent without assistance. Therefore, please consider whether the climb is too strenuous! Read more.

Is the ascent safe?

There are rangers on-site who ensure general safety. However, you must be able to assess for yourself whether you are physically capable of the ascent. Particularly people with cardiovascular conditions, as well as those who suffer from claustrophobia or acrophobia, are discouraged from making the climb.

Please also consider that the temperature inside the statue can be up to 20 degrees higher than outside!
Read more.

Are the ferries wheelchair accessible?

All ferries are wheelchair accessible, but there are no wheelchair-accessible toilets. These are located on the mainland or in the monument. Read more.

General information

opening hours

The ferry operates daily, including Sundays and holidays, between the mainland and Liberty Island. The first ferry departs at 8:30 AM and the last at 3:30 PM from the mainland. The last ferry from Liberty Island leaves at 5:00 PM, the last from Ellis Island at 5:15 PM towards the mainland.

Note: Visitors booking the last ferry from the mainland can only visit Liberty or Ellis Island!


Liberty Island
New York
NY 10004

how to get there

Access to Liberty or Ellis Island is only possible by ferry, and the rides are included in the ticket. The ferry departs from the stations Battery Park (New York) and Liberty State Park (New Jersey). The Battery Park station can be reached by subway line 7th Avenue Line (station South Ferry), the Lexington Avenue Line (station Bowling Green), and by bus lines M15 (station South Ferry) and M6. The Liberty State Park Station can be reached with the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBLR).


Official site:


To visit the Statue of Liberty, there are three different ticket categories.

The Reserve Ticket includes the ferry ride (round trip), Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty Museum, and the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum. The ticket costs $31.50 for adults, $19.00 for children (4-12 years), and $25.00 for seniors (62+ years).

The Reserve with Pedestal Access Ticket entitles you to all the included services of the Reserve Ticket with additional access to the base of the statue. The ticket costs $31.80 for adults, $19.30 for children (4-12 years), and $25.30 for seniors (62+ years).

The Reserve with Crown Ticket includes all the services of the Reserve with Pedestal Access ticket plus entrance up to the crown of the statue. These tickets cost the same as the Reserve with Pedestal Access tickets, but they are always very quickly sold out.


If you have one of the many New York passes, the ticket can be discounted or already included.

Included: The New York Sightseeing Pass, The New York Pass (by Go City)

Attention: Tickets included in the passes only include the services of the Reserve Ticket and do not grant access to the base or the crown!
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