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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a new, breathtaking experience in New York City, located in the One Vanderbilt skyscraper. The exhibition offers a unique combination of breathtaking, uninterrupted panoramic views of the city, artistic installations and interactive experiences. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is not just a viewpoint, but also a place that combines art, architecture, and technology to create an unparalleled experience.
Hannah Gottlieb-KettlBy Hannah Gottlieb-Kettl
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Start a unique journey at great heights and secure your ticket here.
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NYC: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Experience Ticket
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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: Entry Ticket
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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Experience Ticket
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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Tickets
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Guided Tours

Do you want to round off your experience? Book your guided tour here and dive deeper into the fascinating world of the exhibition.
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NYC: Skip-the-Line SUMMIT One Vanderbilt VIP Guided Tour
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Grand Central Terminal: Private Tour with SUMMIT ONE Vanderbilt
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4 tips for visiting the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Affinity | Photo: Unsplash, Aline Sales
Be curiousThe entire exhibition is interactive. Be open and try everything to experience the exhibition with all your senses.
Transcendence 2 | Photo: Unsplash, Aline Sales
Use the external elevatorThe external elevator Ascent is the world's highest situated glass elevator. It is located on the 93rd floor and takes you 12 floors up to the highest viewpoint of One Vanderbilt. Do not miss this unique opportunity!
Bring sunglassesEven if it might sound strange: Take your sunglasses with you! The reflective materials and glass of the exhibition multiply the sunlight and can quickly become uncomfortable for sensitive people.
Wear pantsSince the exhibition often features reflective floors or even glass floors, you should avoid skirts or dresses during your visit. Opt for pants or shorts instead to avoid any uncomfortable surprises and to be able to enjoy your visit.
Transcendence 1 | Photo: Unsplash, Aline Sales

Expand your horizons

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers a unique exhibition that transcends the limits of space and perception. This immersive, interactive art installation of mirror rooms opens up a whole new perspective on the city and perhaps on yourself as well.

Air: Transcendence 1

Start your journey through the Air exhibition at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt in the first exhibition room Transcendence 1. This room is a fascinating mirror room with huge windows that present the city skyline and the Empire State Building in the foreground. Reflective surfaces reflect in these windows.


After leaving Transcendence 1, you enter the next room Reflect. This room was conceived as a place where you can meditate and find yourself. Admire the art installation Cloud by the renowned artist Yayoi Kusama, which was placed on the floor. Enjoy the silence and let this room calm your senses.

Air: Affinity

You continue your journey in the next room Affinity. Silver shapes float through the air creating a very special atmosphere. You can interact with the shapes and let your imagination run free. Use the interplay of mirror floors and ceilings for your unique souvenir photo!

Air: Transcendence 2

Transcendence 2 is the second level of the mirror room and thus an extension of Transcendence 1. Experience the feeling of a ‘boundless space’ as you look down on Transcendence 1. The room challenges all your senses and offers you a unique experience. Look through the glass openings in the floor and expand your horizon.


After sharpening your senses and calming your mind, the next attraction waits for you at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: Levitation. This installation consists of two completely glass cabins that hang 335m (1,100ft) above street level, on Madison Avenue. Here you can overcome your fears and enjoy a spectacular view from a unique perspective.

Air: Unity

The last part of your journey brings you to Unity. Scan your bracelet before you enter the room and become part of the installation. Find yourself in the clouds and try to take a photo with yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the exhibition accessible?

The entire exhibition is accessible without barriers. Guides are available for blind people or people with limited vision. Read more.

Can I wear high heels?

In SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, wearing high heels, work boots, and shoes with studs is prohibited due to the sensitive floors. Read more.

How much time should I plan?

You should plan 60-90 minutes for the entire exhibition. Of course, you can take more time and round off your visit with a cocktail or a snack in the café. Read more.

General information

opening hours

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is open daily, except Tuesdays (closed) from 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM, with the last entry possible at 9:30 PM.


Regular admission tickets without specials are available for adults from $42 and for children (6-12 years) from $36. Children under 6 years of age have free admission. Note that when purchasing a ticket on the original website of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, an additional $3 processing fee is added for each online purchase.


Official site:


One Vanderbilt
45 E 42nd St
New York
NY 10017

how to get there

The nearest subway lines are the 4, 5, 6, 7 and the Shuttle at Grand Central Terminal, 42nd Street. The Grand Central - 42nd Street station is just a minute's walk from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. There are three entrances to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, but there is no access from the One Vanderbilt foyer. The main entrance is located on the ground floor of the Grand Central Terminal.
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