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Moulin Rouge

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The Moulin Rouge (the ‘Red Windmill’) is the world’s most famous cabaret, inspiring artists for over 125 years. It first opened its doors in 1889 and its current show, Féerie, has been delighting audiences since 1999. Tickets sell out up to a month in advance, so book early to secure your seat!
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Paris Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show with Champagne Only or Dinner
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(4581)
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Paris Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show with VIP Seating & Champagne
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(332)
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Paris Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show and Dinner including Christmas Day
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(1592)
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Moulin Rouge show tickets
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(157)
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Moulin Rouge & Paris

Combine your ticket to the show with a guided tour of the City of Lights.
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Paris: Evening Sightseeing Tour and Moulin Rouge Show
4.0starstarstarstarstar empty(203)
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Paris City night tour + Moulin Rouge show
3.8starstarstarstarstar empty(683)
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More Tickets & Tours

Browse even more products that include a trip to the Moulin Rouge.
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Paris: Champagne at the Moulin Rouge & Seine River Cruise
4.1starstarstarstarstar empty(798)
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Paris: Eiffel Tower Dinner Cruise with a Moulin Rouge Show
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(373)
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Eiffel Tower Access with Seine River Dinner Cruise and Moulin Rouge Show
4.1starstarstarstarstar empty(2263)
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Paris Moulin Rouge Dinner Show with Transport
4.1starstarstarstarstar empty(445)
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4 tips for visiting the Moulin Rouge

Le Moulin Rouge
Book in advance! The Moulin Rouge is the most famous cabaret in Paris, so book your seats in advance to make sure you definitely get to see the show.
Moulin Rouge show | Flickr: Roderick Eime CC BY-ND 2.0
The dress code for the Moulin Rouge is smart. You won’t be allowed to enter wearing shorts, flip flops, sportswear, or sneakers. A cloakroom is on hand to store your coats and bags during the show.
Make sure to order your drinks before the show starts! The waiters and waitresses tend not to move around much once the show is underway to avoid spoiling the experience for guests at other tables, so order a bottle of whatever you fancy and top up your own glasses throughout the evening.
Plan your route back to your accommodation in advance! If you’re attending the 11 pm show it should end at 1 am, but it could be closer to 2 am before you get out to the street when much of Paris’s public transport system has stopped for the night. Research the night buses, or make sure you have a number for a taxi service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Moulin Rouge?

The Moulin Rouge is one of the world’s most famous cabarets, founded in 1889 at the height of the Belle Époque and still presenting a spectacle of music, dance, and drama. The founders, Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, created the cabaret as a location where the wealthy and well-to-do could slum it in Montmartre, without really taking any risks. Its shows were (and still are) inspired by the circus, with acrobatics and clowns featuring along with glamorous showgirls and dancers. The Moulin Rouge was also famously the home of the Can-can, which was originally considered scandalous due to its high energy and the way dancers raise their skirts to give their legs space to high-kick. Some dancers at the Moulin Rouge became famous specifically due to their Can-can skills, such as La Goulue and Jane Avril. The Moulin Rouge has hosted many famous guests and performers over the years, including Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales), Maurice Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Ginger Rogers, Charles Aznavour, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and others. Versions of the Moulin Rouge have sprung up around the world, many featuring the red windmill that gives it its name, and it’s appeared in books, films, TV shows, and songs since its opening more than 125 years ago. Read more.

Should I book a dinner show?

By all accounts the dinner offered at the Moulin Rouge is delicious. You’ll either get a 3-course meal or a 6-course prestige menu if you opt for the VIP Dinner Show, with vegetarian and vegan options available. The ticket also includes champagne, either half a bottle per person with the regular dinner or a full bottle per person with the VIP dinner. Having dinner tickets also means you’ll be seated before everyone else, and will have slightly better seats. Be aware that you may have other guests joining you for the show portion of the evening. The main question is how much you want to spend on a ticket - dinner tickets can be twice as expensive as regular tickets, and you can find cheaper meals at nearby restaurants and bistros. Read more.

Can I take photographs inside the Moulin Rouge?

The management asks that you do not take any photographs inside the Moulin Rouge, and it is strictly forbidden to take photographs or film during the show. Professional photographers will be on hand to take pictures of you and your party enjoying the evening. Read more.

Was the Moulin Rouge! movie filmed there?

Unfortunately, the movie Moulin Rouge!, which starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, was filmed predominantly on the Fox Studios lot in Sydney, although delays to the shooting schedule meant that some scenes were filmed later in Madrid. The sets are built to resemble the original building, which burned down 1915, complete with a red windmill on the roof and a large model elephant in the garden. Read more.

Is the show suitable for children?

The show doesn’t include bad language or nudity (though some of the costumes are very revealing), and it’s officially open to viewers aged 6 and over. Under-18’s must be accompanied by an adult in order to watch. The times of the shows (9 pm and 11 pm) might not lend themselves to younger children’s bedtimes, and most of the audience will be adults, so bear those things in mind when making your decision. Having said that, children and teenagers with an interest in dance, drama, and music will have a great time enjoying the spectacle on display. Read more.

General information

Opening Hours:

The Moulin Rouge has shows at 9 pm and 11 pm. The 9 pm show ends at 11 pm, the 11 pm show ends at 1 am. It is advised that attendees arrive half an hour before their show begins and that dinner guests should arrive between 6.45 pm and 7.30 pm.


Ticket prices begin from € 87 for the 11 pm show, while the dinner show costs upwards of € 185, depending on the night of your visit and the menu you choose. VIP 9 pm show seats begin at € 210, while VIP dinner tickets begin at € 420.


Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris

How to get there:

It is easy to get to the Moulin Rouge via public transport. It’s right across the road from Blanche metro station, which is on line 2 of the Paris Metro, and around the corner from Place de Clichy, which is served by lines 2 and 13 of the metro and bus numbers 21, 30, 54, 68, 74, 80, and 95, and night bus numbers N01, N02, N15, and N51. The Moulin Rouge has a deal with the nearby Clichy Montmartre car park for reduced car parking.
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