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Located in the Parisian entertainment district of Pigalle, the Moulin Rouge is probably the most famous French cabaret. It opened its doors already in 1889! The current show, Féerie, has been running since 1999. Tickets for performances at the Moulin Rouge are often sold out several months in advance, so book early to secure good seats.
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Book tickets for performances of Féerie at the Moulin Rouge!
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Moulin Rouge show tickets
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Moulin Rouge: Show + Dinner
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Moulin Rouge Show with Champagne
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Paris Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show and Dinner
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Moulin Rouge & Paris

Combine your visit to the show with a city tour of Paris.
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Paris: Evening Sightseeing Tour and Moulin Rouge Show
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Illuminations Tour & Moulin Rouge Show with Seine Cruise option
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Interactive bus tour of Paris and dinner-show at the Moulin Rouge
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Paris: City Night Bus Tour + Moulin Rouge Show
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More Tickets & Tours

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Paris: Champagne at the Moulin Rouge & Seine River Cruise
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Paris: Eiffel Tower Dinner Cruise with a Moulin Rouge Show
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Seine Dinner Cruise, Eiffel Tower Ascent & Moulin Rouge Show Tickets
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VIP Experience: Dinner at the Eiffel Tower with Seine River Cruise & Moulin Rouge Show
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7 tips for visiting the Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge | Photo: Unsplash, Viktor Bystrov
Book in advance and here at TicketLensThe performances at the Moulin Rouge are among the most popular attractions in Paris and are an essential part of any visit to the capital. Therefore, it is essential to book tickets in advance to not miss the unique spectacle. There are no more tickets available on the Moulin Rouge - Website for your desired date? Then have a look at TicketLens! We bundle various contingents on our website through our ticket providers. Often, you can still find your desired ticket here!
Féerie Show at the Moulin Rouge | Photo: Flickr, Roderick Eime CC BY-ND 2.0
Choose the right ticketThe show Féerie takes place twice daily at the Moulin Rouge. The earlier performance starts at 9 PM and the later one at 11 PM. The standard ticket is offered with and without a drink, and the price difference is hardly noticeable. Although the VIP ticket is almost twice as expensive, it includes preferred seating and surprises.
Dinner at the Moulin RougeIf you want to round off the unique experience at the Moulin Rouge, the Dinner & Show Evening Ticket is a good choice. This ticket includes a 3-course meal as well as a small bottle of champagne, wine, or another drink. Of course, there is also a VIP package, which offers surprises and preferred seating on top. Dinner starts at 7 PM and is accompanied by the Moulin Rouge Orchestra. This is followed by the regular 9 PM show.
Mind the dress codeAn elegant style of dress is required for a visit to the Moulin Rouge. You should therefore adhere to the Parisian cabaret dress code, which is equivalent to business casual. Men wear a jacket, shirt, and trousers. Ladies wear a suit, trouser suit with blouse, or dress. Entry will be denied if you wear shorts, flip-flops, or sneakers!
Order drinks before the performanceTo ensure guests can enjoy the show without disturbances, there is no service during the performance. Therefore, you should order your desired drinks before the show starts. It is a good idea to order a bottle right away so that you are not left out in the cold. We recommend deciding for a ticket that includes a small bottle of a drink of your choice when booking.
Plan the way homeYou should plan your return in advance to enjoy a relaxed journey home, especially if you attend the later show starting at 11 PM. The show ends around 1 AM. However, it can take up to an hour to exit the building. Remember that public transportation is scarce at this time. Therefore, the return to the center can take over 45 minutes. By taxi, it's twice as fast.
Book a specialThe Moulin Rouge also offers unforgettable moments for New Year, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. The Valentine's Day special takes place on February 13th and 14th. The Christmas special can be booked from December 19th to January 3rd. In addition to a delicious dinner, you can expect drinks, surprises, and of course the unforgettable show Féerie.

Our ticket offer in detail

Our range of tickets is very extensive. Here you will find an explanation of the various options we offer.

Champagne | Unsplash: Karolina Grabowska

Show with a glass of champagne

Experience an unforgettable evening at the Moulin Rouge with an exclusive glass of champagne while you enjoy the colorful Féerie Revue show by the cancan dancers. Discover the magnificent Parisian landmark by night and be enchanted by sensational performances, impressive costumes and original French music.
Tuna Tataki Starter | Unsplash: Big Dodzy

Show with Dinner

Immerse yourself in the glittering world of the Moulin Rouge and experience a magical night of glittering rhinestones, feathers and sequins. After an exquisite dinner with champagne, enjoy the breathtaking Féerie show by the talented Doriss Girl Dancers and learn more about the history of the famous variety theater. You get early entry to the show and can choose from 3 menu options.

Sightseeing and Show

Enjoy an unforgettable night with tickets to the show at the Moulin Rouge including champagne and an interactive city tour of Paris. Climb aboard the panoramic coach and discover the most important Parisian sights such as the Opéra Garnier, Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame de Paris, the Panthéon, the Musée d'Orsay and the Arc de Triomphe with the Histopad tablet. The Histopad tablet offers 3D reconstructions and 360° views that allow you to follow the development of the city and its architecture through images of yesterday and today, and your children can take part in an exciting treasure hunt.

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower, Seine boat trip and Moulin Rouge show

Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Eiffel Tower and a typical French dinner before gliding along the Seine on a romantic boat trip. Finally, a nostalgic atmosphere and the famous French cancan await you at the Moulin Rouge, accompanied by a glass or half a bottle of champagne.
The Moulin Rouge with the Féerie sign | Photo: Unsplash, Rahul Chowdhury

A show of extravagance

The Moulin Rouge has been an integral part of Western pop culture for over 130 years. The show Féerie happens daily, offering good mood and captivating stagecraft. Moulin Rouge is - in short - a festival of colors since 1889.

A Place That Wrote (Dance) History

The Moulin Rouge is perhaps the most archetypical French variety venue. It was founded in 1889 at the height of the Belle Époque by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler and offers its guests music, dance, and drama to this day. Initially, the Moulin Rouge was used for revues, operettas and movie screenings. This was followed by shows that were more akin to circus performances. Acrobatics and clowning, alongside showgirls and dancers, were part of the performances that initially served only for the entertainment of the wealthy citizens. The famous dance Cancan, in which the dancers perform high kicks, became a hallmark of the Moulin Rouge. Jane Avril and La Goulue were two famous performers in the Montmartre variety that were especially celebrated for their Cancan. Over the years, greats such as Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald also performed here.

The Breathtaking Show Féerie

Every day, the Moulin Rouge captivates audiences with 80 performers, including 60 Doriss Girls (Cancan dancers) during the two-hour performance of Féerie. Visitors experience several scenes, ranging from a pirate ship and Paris to the circus. Although the show has been in the program since 1999, it is almost sold out daily. In addition to the talent of the performers, the 1,000 colorful costumes, designed and fabricated by ateliers and the in-house tailor, created in cooperation with selected Parisian workshops, also impress. These costumes are intricately hand-decorated with beads, sequins, and feathers, and usually weigh severals kilos.

Superstition starts with F

In 1963, the cabaret "Frou-Frou" was developed, which was so successful that the subsequent shows were also supposed to start with an "F". This was followed by "Fascination", "Fantastic", "Formidable", and of course "Féerie".

The red mill

The Moulin Rouge is located in the Montmartre district, which once had a rural character. Surrounded by 30 windmills that ground the grain, this hill village was once a settlement for artists. Today, only the red mill on the roof of the Moulin Rouge remains as a reminder of the former environment. The beautiful view of Paris from the city hill is naturally preserved to this day!
Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers | Photo: Flickr, Larry Koester - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers

To pursue her passion, the ballet, Dorothea Haug from Stuttgart traveled to Paris in the 1950s and became known as "Miss Doris". The dance group she founded, "Les Doris Girls", which consisted of four dancers, auditioned at the Moulin Rouge, which then hired her as a choreographer. Miss Doris choreographed the cancan dance shows for 40 years, helping the Moulin Rouge to fame. Due to a spelling error on the first promotional posters, the Doris Girls became the Doriss Girls. Even today, the cancan dancers are referred to as Doriss Dancers.
Champagne | Unsplash: Alexander Naglestad

240,000 liters of champagne - an annual consumption at the Moulin Rouge

The reputation of the Moulin Rouge has changed over the years, but the posters of the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec still adorn the walls today. During a lively evening, it's easy to fall into the nostalgia of the Belle Époque. Visitors often drink a glass or two of champagne. This way, the Moulin Rouge manages up to 800 bottles of champagne per show night. Annually, 240,000 liters of Champagne are consumed. With this, the Moulin Rouge is the largest champagne consumer in France.

Get to know the Moulin Rouge better

The Bar à Bulles is located in the same building complex as the Moulin Rouge and serves Mezze and Tapas. Additionally, Brunch is offered on weekends. Due to high demand, it is advised to reserve a table in advance. Through the Bar à Bulles, you can reach the rooftop terrace of the Moulin Rouge named TOIT and thus also the famous 'red windmill'. Here you can enjoy cocktails and exquisite tapas in a cozy atmosphere under fruit trees. On weekends, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, one of Europe's largest clubs, opens its dance floors. You can party until the early morning hours on several levels.

Doriss Girls | Flickr: Roderick Eime CC-BY 2.0

A Day in the Life of a Doriss Girl

Many dancers dream of dancing as a 'Doriss Girl' at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The path there is difficult and once you have finally fulfilled your dream, you still have to work hard to stay at the top.
Little Dancers | Unsplash: getty images

What happens before

Before I tell you what a day in the life of a Doriss Girl looks like, I would like to briefly tell you how to get there. If, after years of training, you as a dancer are finally ready and tall enough (at least 172cm, preferably 178cm) to become a Doriss Girl, you can make your way to the audition. An audition is a selection process held in one day and bids farewell to dancers in several rounds until the selected elite remains. All dancers going to the audition could dance at the Moulin Rouge. Thus, the selection process is often not an indicator of whether the dancer is good or bad at dancing, but the admission decisively depends on the dancer's condition that day, and whether she fits the image, i.e., whether her dance style matches the other girls. An audition decides the next months or even years of your life, so dancers are often nervous and still have to give their all at the audition to be selected.

Cancan | Flickr: Roderick Eime CC-BY 2.0

The Rehearsal Phase

Once the dancer has passed the audition, it's time to prepare for life as a Doriss Girl. Many dancers come from other countries and have to move to Paris first before they start learning the show numbers during rehearsals for the performances. The rehearsal phase is the most strenuous and exciting part of the contract with the Moulin Rouge and lasts three weeks. Choreographies are learned, places on stage are assigned, and they rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse again. After the many rehearsals, it's time for the first performance at the Moulin Rouge as a Doriss Girl. After the first weeks, the dancers have adjusted to their new life and adapt their daily routine accordingly.

Good Morning in Paris

Because the dancers dance until late into the night, a showgirl typically gets up around noon. Due to the heavy makeup, a good skincare routine is crucial for a dancer. After waking up, a dancer's body is also often tired, so many like to include stretches or massages with the Blackroll into their morning routine. Since showgirls really do a lot of sports, paying attention to a good diet is very important. Typical Parisian, the showgirls like to head to the nearest café and enjoy a cappuccino and a (wholegrain) baguette.

Afternoon in Paris

Many of the showgirls are from other cities, countries, or continents, so most of them enjoy rediscovering the city of Paris itself alongside their performances. So, exploring is on the to-do list in the afternoon. Paris has so many beautiful sides and arrondissements. If you spend more time in Paris, you also have enough time to walk on paths away from the tourist highlights. For example, in winter the Aquarium de Paris - Cinéaqua is recommended. On a beautiful spring day, the Disneyland Paris, without the many visitors that it attracts during the holidays. In summer, the Catacombs of Paris offer a good cooling off from the hot streets of the city. And on a nice autumn day, sitting comfortably in a café near the Champs-Élysées is a pleasure.

The evening begins, work calls

The first show of the day is around 9:00 PM for most of the dancers. The showgirls often arrive at the Moulin Rouge at the same time as the visitors who have booked a dinner ticket. For most dancers, the workday starts at 7:00 PM. If you see a tall, pretty, young woman on her way to the Moulin Rouge, she might be one of the dancers. Once at the location, the show make-up is applied first. Make-up for the stage is very strong, so that the faces are still recognizable from the back seats. False eyelashes and red lips are a must. The dancers' real hair is often in a bun, supplemented with fake hair, or even hidden in a wig. A warm-up before the show is important, so that the body is prepared for the strain during the show. Every dancer knows what warm-up she needs. The start for the warm-up is usually at around 8:15 PM.

During the show

The show is demanding and exhausting. The Doriss Girls have many costume changes. They have many helpers backstage who assist them with changing. Especially the Cancan is a very strenuous dance. Try throwing your leg up for a minute at home while still smiling. Thus, dancers need to have very good stamina for the show, take care of their bodies, and stay fit.
In the 45-minute break between the first show and the second show of the evening, the dancers try to keep their bodies warm. Some go over the choreography and positions again. Most, however, meet backstage for a quick chat and a coffee.

After work

The workday for most dancers ends at around 1:00 AM. At home, the make-up is removed, the hairspray brushed out of their hair, and a bit of self-care is done. Many roll out their tired muscles with balls or foam rollers, while a face mask hydrates the skin. Stretching is also part of their routine, before a warm shower prepares the body for bed, so the fun can start all over again tomorrow.

Training, additional shows, and side jobs

On some days, the dancers of the Moulin Rouge have mandatory rehearsals for Féerie, or for other shows that the showgirls can be booked for. A rehearsal for a show can last up to 3-4 hours. In addition, they also have dance classes they must attend, such as ballet or contemporary. As a Doriss Girl at the Moulin Rouge, you not only dance the shows, but can also be booked for many other gigs. Sometimes special events take place at the Moulin Rouge, where the dancers perform. This work routine was just described by the dancer Allie Goodbun. She recently reported to us that, in addition to her shows at the Moulin Rouge, she was booked for a TV event by L’Oreal to be a showgirl in an advertisement for the new mascara. Many of the dancers are also models and are booked for photoshoots or catwalks. The dancers from the Moulin Rouge were also booked for performances at the beauty pageant in France in 2023.
The Moulin Rouge during the day | Flickr: Olivier Bruchez CC-BY 2.0

Short Facts about the Moulin Rouge

Interesting facts in small bites about the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris.
A poster by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec | Photo: Flickr, Rawpixel Ltd - CC BY 4.0

The Boneless

The most famous dancer of the Moulin Rouge was Valentin Le Désossé (1843-1907). His real name was Jules Renaudin, and his stage name ‘The Boneless’, because he could bend and twist like no other. The ability to bend came from a very rare disease, the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, in which sufferers have hyperelastic muscle mass. He grew up in 'High Society' and therefore never wanted to be paid for his performances. He danced on the boards of the Moulin Rouge 83,112 times before he left the stage one night and was never seen again. In the famous picture by Toulouse-Lautrec, he is the man on the right with the top hat.
Joséphine Baker | Flickr: oakenroad CC-BY 2.0

Joséphine Baker

She was an icon of the cabaret and an incredible performer. She came to Paris in 1925 as a singer, dancer and actress and later joined the Resistance as a fighter against racism. On May 19, 1953, she sang the song J’ai deux amours on the stage of the Moulin Rouge at the Charity Gala Bal des Petits Lits Blancs. The famous Charly Chaplin congratulated her on her magnificent performance. On November 30, 2021, she was the first black woman to be admitted into the Parisian Panthéon.

The Collaborations of the Moulin Rouge

Many labels love collaborating with the Moulin Rouge. Thus, a collection of bags and jewelry pieces co-created with the Moulin Rouge, or inspired by the Moulin Rouge, exist.
Since January 2024, the Moulin Rouge has a collaboration with the jewelry label Les Couronnes de Victoire. Each of the jewelry pieces is dedicated to a person who made history at the Moulin Rouge. For example, there are earrings named Colette. She is a famous Parisian novelist who also performed on the stages of the Moulin Rouge.

The Atelier of the Moulin Rouge

Ten seamstresses work daily to create new costumes and refurbish the costumes that are currently used in the atelier of the Moulin Rouge. Many of the costumes need to be sewn by hand; each individual sparkling stone is manually attached. The production needs 1,000 tailor-made costumes and accessories.

The Famous Colorful Feathers of the Moulin Rouge

The Maison Février is located at the foot of Montmartre.Feathers come to life in the hands of the feather makers in the light-flooded loft space. The craftsmen have been creating feathers for the impressive and elaborate costumes of Moulin Rouge since 1957. Each year, about 3,000 meters of feather boas are artfully created, adorning 300 costumes. The Maison Février has been around since 1929, and not only equips the Moulin Rouge.

The art of embroidery

The Atelier Valentin is responsible for the intricate embroideries on the costumes and accessories of the artists. It is located in the 9th Arrondissement and applies rhinestones, beads, and sequins to the costumes.

The shoes

Maison Clairvoy has been around since 1945 and has specialized in the production of shoes for the performing arts since 1955. The shoes are handcrafted and custom-made for the feet of the dancers.

Moulin Rouge vs. Moulin Rouge

The film and the musical of the same name Moulin Rouge, tells the story of a writer who falls in love with a dancer from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. On the other hand, the show Féerie does not tell a story and is created for the entertainment of the guests.

The Moulin Rouge is international

The auditions for the dancers of the Moulin Rouge take place around the world. Currently, there are a total of 90 dancers from 14 different countries, including Canada, Australia, England, and Brazil. The dancers usually remain engaged at Moulin Rouge for 2-3 years.

A night in the red windmill on Airbnb

It was possible to book the room under the red windmill on Airbnb for three unique nights in 2022. This was not only a brilliant advertising idea but also an exceptional opportunity that will hopefully be repeated soon!

The kitchen team

The menu at the Moulin Rouge changes seasonally and is put together by the best chefs. In total, the kitchen team comprises 120 people, who come from the best catering schools and restaurants, and serve 850 guests flawlessly every evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Moulin Rouge accessible for people with disabilities?

This attraction is accessible for people with disabilities. In total, there are over 900 accessible seating options available. Read more.

Are there parking options?

Not far from the Moulin Rouge is the Clichy Montmartre underground parking, which offers an exclusive rate in cooperation with Interparking that must be booked in advance. Read more.

What is the minimum age requirement for the performance?

The show is suitable for children aged six and older. Of course, they must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Read more.

Are there dining options at the Moulin Rouge?

The Moulin Rouge offers a show ticket in combination with a dinner. Should you feel a little peckish before or after the show, the Bar à Bulles is located not far from the theater, offering small bites and cocktails. This also applies to the rooftop terrace TOIT, which offers tapas. Read more.

Is smoking allowed in the premises?

Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the theater. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed either. Read more.

Are bags and backpacks allowed during the visit?

Small luggage items can be taken into the cabaret. There is also a checkroom available, which charges 2 € per item. Due to increased security precautions, suitcases and travel bags are not permitted in the theater or in the checkroom. Read more.

What do I need to bear in mind when booking tickets?

Tickets purchased online are only valid on the designated day. According to French law, these tickets cannot be cancelled. Therefore, the issued ticket cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. Read more.

When does admission start?

Admission for the dinner show starts 15 minutes before the beginning of the dinner, at 6:45 PM. Admission for the 9 PM show starts at 8:00 PM. Admission for the 11:00 PM show starts at 10:45 PM. Please note that the doors close 10 minutes before the show starts. Once the show has started, no further admissions are possible. Read more.

Is there a souvenir shop?

The Moulin Rouge has a souvenir shop that is open before and after the performance. Read more.

Are dogs allowed in the Moulin Rouge?

No, animals are not allowed inside the building. The only exception is for certified service and guide dogs. Read more.

Is it allowed to take photos and videos in the variety show?

Photographing and filming in the Moulin Rouge is prohibited. It is also not permitted to tape audio recordings. Read more.

General information

opening hours

The shows at the Moulin Rouge usually start at 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM and last for 2 hours each. It is recommended that guests should be there half an hour before the start. For the dinner ticket, guests should arrive at the Moulin Rouge between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM.


Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris


Official site:


The prices for tickets directly on the official Moulin Rouge website start from 115 € upwards per person for the show (adult tickets). However, the actual prices depend on the day of the week and the showtime. Late shows at 11:00 PM usually have the cheapest tickets. Tickets for dinner and show are of course more expensive. VIP seats are available from 210 €, VIP dinner tickets from 420 €. There are discounts for children up to 11 years of age. VIP tickets are excluded from discounts.

how to get there

The Moulin Rouge is easily accessible by public transport: it is located directly opposite the Blanche metro station on line 2 of the Paris metro. Just around the corner is also the Place de Clichy, which is served by metro lines 2 and 13, bus lines 21, 30, 54, 68, 74, 80, and 95, as well as night buses N01, N02, N15, and N51. Guests of the Moulin Rouge have the option to park at a reduced rate in the nearby Clichy Montmartre parking garage.
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