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Burj Khalifa

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The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world at an astonishing 2716ft (828m). Outlook platforms on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors offer breathtaking views of the desert metropolis, while The Lounge on the floors 152,153 and 154 offers drinks and other delicacies.

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Tickets: At the Top

At the Top is the outdoor observation deck, breathtakingly high at 1483ft (452m)! With a trip to the 124th and 125th floors, you'll also ride the world’s fastest double-deck elevators.
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Dubai: Aquarium & Burj Khalifa Level 124, 125 Combo Ticket
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(25246)
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Dubai: Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(88033)
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Dubai: Burj Khalifa Level 124, 125 & Sky Views Entry Ticket
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(2532)
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Burj Khalifa: Level 124, 125 Ticket and Cafe Access
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(272)
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Tickets: At the Top SKY

An even higher Burj Khalifa experience: climb to the public floor, the Burj Khalifa Sky on the 148th floor. At 1820ft (555m) up, make sure you leave your fear of heights downstairs!
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Dubai: Burj Khalifa Sky Ticket Levels 124, 125, and 148
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(18032)
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Skip the Line Burj Khalifa Ticket - At the Top Sky 124, 125 & 148
4.2starstarstarstarstar empty(495)
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Combo: Burj Khalifa At The Top SKY (Level 148) + Sky Views Observatory Entry Tickets
4.2starstarstarstarstar empty(10012)
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Burj Khalifa: At the Top SKY (Floors 124, 125 & 148) + Sky Views Observatory
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(61)
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Tickets: The Lounge

Visit the highest public area in the Burj Khalifa, The Lounge on floors 152, 153, and 154, 585m above the ground! Choose from a range of packages including tea, champagne, or cocktails!
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Burj Khalifa: The Lounge (Floors 152, 153 and 154)
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Tickets to The Lounge, Burj Khalifa Level 154, 153 & 152 with Light Meal
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(771)
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Burj Khalifa tickets and The Lounge 152,153 and 154 Floor Ticket
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(190)
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Burj Khalifa The Lounge - Levels 154, 153, 152 with Transfers
3.7starstarstarstar halfstar empty(3)
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More Tickets & Tours

Book your ideal trip to the Burj Khalifa by choosing a ticket with a meal, transfer, or entry to one of Dubai’s other unique attractions.
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Magical Dubai 8-Hour Tour with Burj Khalifa Experience
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(2168)
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Dubai: Sky Views Entry Ticket with Burj Khalifa Views
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(5267)
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Burj Khalifa 124 & Lunch or Dinner at Rooftop, The Burj Club
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(7067)
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Burj Khalifa Ticket with 1-Way Transfer
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(1688)
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8 tips for visiting the Burj Khalifa

Sunset and Dubai Skyline with Burj Khalifa
Book the right ticket in advanceThe Burj Khalifa is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai and tickets can sell out quickly on site. Book a ticket in advance to avoid waiting in line. Tickets are more expensive early in the morning before sunrise or before sunset. A special ticket is needed for sunrise, which also includes breakfast in the small café on the first floor of the building.

For people with a smaller budget, the basic ticket for At The Top without fast track option is suitable. Tickets for At The Top SKY include light snacks, and special tickets for At The Top come with coffee, breakfast, or a meal at the At.mosphere restaurant, the Burj Club, or one of the restaurants in the Armani Hotel Complex.
Dubai Fountain after dark
Avoid queuingA pre-booked ticket allows access to a separate queue, while queuing is required for the elevators without a Skip the Line ticket. Tickets for At The Top SKY and The Lounge provide access to a separate elevator that does not require standing in line. Regular tickets for At The Top do not include faster elevator access unless the appropriate Fast Track option is booked.
Book combination ticketsThere are various combo tickets offered for the Burj Khalifa. These usually include a visit to the 124th and 125th floors. The offer includes admission to the Dubai Aquarium, Boardwalk of the Dubai Fountain, Etihad Museum or a boat tour of the Dubai Marina.
Advantages for early birds and night owlsAt sunrise, the Burj Khalifa is particularly popular: the light and view are extraordinary at this time. Especially the sun rising over the desert makes for magical moments. But also at sunset a visit to the viewing platforms is very popular, especially to take photos of the metropolis bathed in the golden light of dawn. Fewer people visit the Burj Khalifa at night, but a visit in the dark does have its appeal - the water features of the Dubai Fountain, for example, are also perfectly visible from the observation decks.
Plan your time rightThe average visit time to the Burj Khalifa is about 90 minutes. Depending on your ticket, you may want to get there earlier: if you want to see the sunset from the Burj Khalifa, it is advised to book a time slot 90 minutes in advance to reach the observation decks in time. There is no limit to the time spent on the 124th and 125th floors, and up to 30 minutes can be spent on the 148th floor with a ticket. Before and after your visit, there are several other attractions in Dubai that we have listed for you below.
Spectacular water gamesBelow the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Fountain. Here, water games accompanied by light shows and music take place every 30 minutes from 6:00 p.m. daily. With a ticket at sunset or at night, the performances can be viewed from the viewing platforms. The music is transmitted to the top for this purpose.
Try All the Activities and Interactive ExperiencesOther highlights include the virtual reality experience and telescopes on the floors 124 and 125. Tickets to the 148th floor also get you a snack and access to an interactive motion sensor experience.
Saving money in the Dubai MallThe luxurious restaurants in the tower and also in the Armani Hotel are not lacking in glamorous atmosphere. Dining inside the Burj Khalifa is therefore comparatively expensive. Those who do not necessarily want to dine inside the Burj Khalifa, however, need not despair. The Dubai Mall caters to those who prefer to eat outside the skyscraper with its wide range of catering.
The Different Levels of the Burj Khalifa | TicketLens CC BY 2.0

Burj Khalifa Observation Decks: Which To Pick

The Burj Khalifa offers three different viewing decks. The higher the floor, the higher the entrance fee. There is not too much difference between the views, but the higher floors offer no queuing, VIP guest services and drinks. Getting up that high is also an experience that you're only too happy to tell others about.
The Outdoor Deck of At The Top | Flickr: Fabio Achilli CC BY 2.0

At the Top

Tickets for At The Top are the cheapest at the Burj Khalifa and allow access to the 124th and 125th floors of the skyscraper. On the 125th floor, the glass walls allow for fantastic views, but there is also a virtual reality experience that depicts Dubai from the perspective of the top of the tower. On the 124th floor is a large outdoor terrace complete with high-powered telescopes, which can be used to get a closer look at the Dubai skyline. Because all tickets include access to this observation deck, it's often very crowded - so book the right time slot.
The View From Inside | Flickr: Guilhem Vellut CC BY 2.0

At the Top SKY

The observation deck on the 148th floor can be visited with a ticket for At The Top Sky. First, accompanied by a guide, you ride the elevator up to 1820 ft (555 m) above sea level. On the observation deck itself, there is a welcome with tea or coffee and a small sweet. The 148th floor also has a small outdoor platform that should not be missed. Guests are asked not to stay on the 148th floor for more than 30 minutes, as there is a high volume of visitors. The lower floors 124 and 125, on the other hand, are open to visit for as long as you like.

The Lounge

The Lounge opened its doors in 2019 and is the highest publicly accessible space in the Burj Khalifa. Spread over three floors (152-154), it offers an outdoor viewing platform at 1919ft (585m) above sea level. Its proud ticket prices reflect the luxury on offer. Breakfast or afternoon tea in the clouds, an aperitif with champagne and canapés called Bubbly Sundowner or the Bubbly Under The Stars package (glass of champagne, canapés and either live music or DJ).
Inside At.mosphere on the 122nd Floor | Flickr: David Jones CC BY 2.0

Food and Drinks in the Burj Khalifa

Most restaurants in the Burj Khalifa are located in the lobby of the Armani Hotel, the vestibule or on the first floor. However! There are also dining options at lofty heights. These places are not exactly cheap, but trump with luxury and atmosphere.

The Lounge

In the highest observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, known as The Lounge, breakfast, afternoon tea or an evening aperitif are offered. For the fixed menus, at least 700 AED must be included here - not necessarily cheap, but a unique experience on the highest observation deck in the world on the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors of the Burj Khalifa.


Being one of the highest restaurants in the world, At.mosphere is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, at 1450ft (442m). Be sure to make a reservation or purchase a combined ticket with admission to the viewing deck At The Top.

Restaurants at the Armani Hotel

From a cup of coffee to a full meal, a variety of Italian and other European culinary traditions can be ordered at the Armani Lounge in the lobby of the Burj Khalifa.

Looking for even more luxury? Fine Italian dining is available at Armani Ristorante in the lobby of the Burj Khalifa. It is open exclusively in the evenings and requires a table reservation.

Japanese fare such as sushi is offered at Armani Hashi in the lobby.

The Armani Deli on the hotel's first floor serves Italian coffee and light snacks. Of particular note: coffee can be ordered with 24-karat gold.

Armani Mediterraneo serves Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the third floor of the Burj Khalifa, Armani Amal, is serving Indian dinner.
The Burj Khalifa in the Dubai Skyline

A Day In Dubai with the Burj Khalifa

A trip to the Burj Khalifa takes about two hours, depending on the ticket you choose, but there are several ways you can combine your trip with other attractions or activities to build your perfect day in Dubai.
The Tunnel in the Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium Combo

One of the most popular combinations: Tickets for At The Top and for the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The latter is located in the Dubai Mall, so very conveniently located under the Burj Khalifa, and houses over 33,000 animals from more than 140 species. The attraction is great for visiting with kids or catching a few snaps for Instagram.
A Dhow in the Dubai Marina

Boat Tours

Several ways to experience Dubai from the water can be combined with a tour of the Burj Khalifa. A boat tour by speedboat along the coast and Dubai's man-made islands. Alternatively, a cruise on a traditional dhow is an option. Or a small boat, a jet ski or even a yacht including captain can be rented.
Quad-biking in the Desert

Desert Safari Day Trips

If you like to contrast the hypermodern cityscape of Dubai with rugged nature, go for a day in the desert! Various tour companies offer a wide range of options for this, such as camel tours, dune drives in an off-road vehicle, sandboarding or traditional Emirati food, belly dancing performances and shishas.
On the Streets of Dubai

City Tours of Dubai

For a single day in Dubai or when visiting the city from neighboring Abu Dhabi, you have a great deal of options for a full-day city tour. Competent guides show the old city of Bur Dubai, the Dubai Museum and the souks as well as the modern parts of the city dominated by skyscrapers. Both focuses can be chosen individually or in combination - all tastes are covered.
The Burj Khalifa Under Construction | Wiki: Imre Solt CC BY-SA 3.0

Building the Burj: Facts & Stats

Name and design

Burj is Arabic for tower, Khalifa referring to Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates. The tower was originally to be called simply Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), but after the sheikh assisted the Emirate of Dubai in financial difficulties, the skyscraper was renamed in his honor. The Burj Khalifa was modeled after the Hymenocallis plant, which thrives in the Emirates desert. The architecture of the building reduces wind resistance and allows a panoramic view for all visitors.

Stable height

The skyscraper was built between 2004 and 2009 by over 12,000 workers from over 100 countries. The building is so tall that it takes the window washers four months to do an entire pass from top to bottom! All skyscrapers move back and forth a bit with the wind. However, clever design by the architects and wind tunnel testing ensure that the movement inside is barely noticeable except for slight noise.

The interior of the tower

There are 57 elevators and 8 escalators in the Burj Khalifa, ensuring easy movement through the building for guests and residents. The double-deck elevators can hold between 12 and 14 people and travel at about 32ft (10m) per second, making them among the fastest in the world. The stairs are not open to visitors, but climbing the 2,909 steps from the ground to the 160th floor would be a strenuous task. The difference in outside temperature between the top and the first floor can be as much as 6° C. The Burj Khalifa is also designed to withstand Dubai's extreme climate: Glass panels protect the tower from the sun's intense rays.

Different sun angles

The sun sets about 3 minutes later at the top near the top than at the bottom. Above the 80th floor, fasting during Ramadan should therefore be 2 minutes longer. Above the 150th floor, the extension time is 3 minutes. As a guest, you can try to see two sunsets in one evening: one from below and one from above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burj Khalifa accessible for disabled persons?

At the Top is wheelchair friendly, however, companion animals are not allowed. Read more.

Are refunds possible in case of bad weather?

No. The viewing platforms do have to close in case of bad weather, but the money cannot be refunded. However, bad weather rarely if ever occurs in Dubai. Read more.

Is there a dress code at the Burj Khalifa?

Skirts or shorts should reach at least to the knee. T-shirts that cover the shoulders are acceptable, but tops with plunging necklines or thin straps should be avoided. If in doubt, you can help yourself with a scarf. Read more.

Can I store luggage?

Larger luggage must be placed in the storage area near the entrance. It is also prohibited to carry spray cans, glass bottles, knives and other weapons (including fireworks), pepper spray or roller skates. Read more.

Is there internet in the tower?

There is free wifi access throughout the attraction. Read more.

Dubai's highest observation decks

Total height
Height of observation deck
Open since
Burj KhalifaDubai | UAE
828m#1 in Dubai#1 in UAE#1 worldwide
585m#1 in Dubai#1 in UAE#1 worldwide
Etihad Towers T2Abu Dhabi | UAE
305m#2 in UAE#49 worldwide
282m#2 in UAE#34 worldwide
Etihad Towers T1Abu Dhabi | UAE
278m#3 in UAE#59 worldwide
251m#3 in UAE#49 worldwide
Empire State BuildingNew York | USA
443m#3 in USA#17 worldwide
373m#3 in USA#14 worldwide
Eiffel TowerParis | France
324m#1 in France#42 worldwide
276m#1 in France#36 worldwide
The ShardLondon | UK
310m#1 in UK#46 worldwide
244m#1 in UK#52 worldwide
Burj Khalifa is number 1 in Dubai and number 1 on the worldwide list of the tallest buildings with an observation deck.

General information

opening hours

The observation decks are open 7 days a week, from 8.30 am to 10 pm.
During winter the observation decks are open from 5.30 am every Friday and Saturday so that guests can view the sunrise.

Last entry to the observation decks is 45 minutes prior to closing.


Burj Khalifa
1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai
Dubai, UAE


Tickets for At the Top are priced at AED 169, and for At the Top SKY at AED 399. Tickets for The Lounge are AED 769 and include floor 142 to 154. Children under 3 are free of charge, there is a discounted price for children under 12.

how to get there

Take the red line of the Dubai Metro to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall stop. If you follow the signs to Dubai Mall, you will find the entrance to the observation decks. Plan on a walk of about 15 minutes. Cabs are another option; for self-drivers, parking is available in the Dubai Mall cinema parking garage (Level 1, Section M). Signage for At The Top leads directly to the ticket booth and elevator entrance.
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