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Harry Potter: Warner Bros Studios

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For fans of Harry Potter and the magical world of J.K. Rowling’s books, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter is an absolute must-see on your trip. You’ll get to see original sets, props, and costumes, try out for the quidditch team, meet incredible creatures, and even sample some Butterbeer! Tickets sell out, sometimes months in advance, so book early to make sure you don’t miss out.
Anneliese O'MalleyBy Anneliese O'Malley
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Tickets & Transfers

Book a trip to Warner Bros. Studios in advance so you don’t miss out!
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Warner Bros. Studio London: Tour with Bus Transfers
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(3124)
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Harry Potter Studios & Private Transfer from Central London
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(3237)
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London: Small-Group Warner Bros. Studio Tour with Pickup
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(236)
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Guided Tours

Get even more Wizarding World wisdom with a guided tour at Warner Bros. Studios or add a themed walking tour around London to your trip.
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London: Fully-Guided Making of Harry Potter Tour
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(2128)
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London: Harry Potter Studio and Locations Tour
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(72)
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More Tickets & Tours

Browse even more products which include a trip to Warner Bros. Studios: The Making of Harry Potter.
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London: Harry Potter Studio Tour and Oxford Day Trip
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From London: Day Trip to Harry Potter Studios and Oxford
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Harry Potter Family Package with Transfers from London
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Harry Potter Tour of Warner Bros. Studio with Transport from London
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7 Tips for Visiting the Harry Potter: Warner Bros Studios

The Entrance to the Studio Tour | Flickr: Martin Pettitt CC BY 2.0
Book Tickets in AdvanceBuy your tickets well in advance! You can’t buy tickets on the day at the attraction, and tickets often sell out several months in advance, especially if you want to visit during seasonal events, such as Hogwarts in the Snow (around Christmas) or Dark Arts (at Halloween). These seasonal tickets sometimes sell out a whole year in advance, so book early to avoid disappointment.
Dumbledore’s Costume in the Great Hall | Flickr: Martin Pettitt CC BY 2.0
Try a Digital GuideFor more information and behind the scenes footage, pick up a touchscreen Digital Guide! They’re narrated in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian, plus some of the videos can be subtitled.
Show Your House PrideBring your house scarf for great photos, or pick one up in the gift shop in the lobby when you arrive! Whether you’re in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, there are plenty of chances for you to represent your house in photo opportunities.
Chat to the StaffMake sure to ask the friendly staff members lots of questions when you get to the sections about costumes, make up, and special effects, they’re very well-informed and will be happy to give you more information about what you’re seeing.
The Entrance to the Great Hall | Flickr: Elen Nivrae CC BY 2.0
Move Fast in the Great HallThe only part of the tour where you’ll be hurried along is the Great Hall because it’s the first set on the tour. The next group will be waiting to get in, so make sure that you make the most of your time in here since you can’t come back later!
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans | Flickr: Karen Roe CC BY 2.0
Save Shopping for the EndThe last gift shop is the largest, so save your shopping for the end - plus you won’t have to carry your purchases around with you. If you see something you like and you can’t find it in the last store then don’t worry, you can order it from the Studio Tour’s online shop later.
Plan Your JourneyThe journey from Central London takes about an hour if all the public transport is up and running as it should, but make sure you plan your route ahead of time so that you aren’t late for your slot!
The Warner Bros. Studio Tour | Flickr: Dave Catchpole CC BY 2.0

Ticket Options: How To Visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

The Studio Tour’s basic ticket gives you access to all the areas, but there are several ways you can enhance your experience, either with a digital guide, a guided tour, or an exclusive look behind-the-scenes.

Basic Ticket

The basic entry ticket includes access to the tour, including the two sound stages and the outdoor area. You can decide whether to add a paperback souvenir guide or a digital guide to your basic ticket to enhance the experience. There might be special seasonal events on throughout the year which can add an extra dimension to basic tickets, so look out for those on the official website.

Complete Studio Tour Package

The Complete Studio Tour package bundles together all the optional extras available (the Paperback Souvenir Guidebook and a Digital Guide) and adds it to the basic Studio Tour ticket, saving you about £5 when you book them in advance.

Deluxe Tour

The Deluxe Tour offers you real VIP treatment: you’ll get a 2-hour guided tour of the attraction, a reserved parking space, a souvenir guidebook, a glass of delicious Butterbeer, a hot meal with a drink, and you can take home four photographs and a video from the different photo opportunities.

Behind the Seams

Every weekend and on weekdays during school vacations, you can get the chance to explore the inner workings of the costume department. Learn all about the design and creation of some of the wizarding world’s most iconic outfits and get the chance to try on a robe that was used by an actor on-screen in one of the movies. This experience is designed for visitors over the age of 12, it will be presented in English only, and lasts about an hour. After your experience, you can rejoin the Studio Tour and carry on exploring.

Tickets Including Transfers

Although the Warner Bros. Studio Tour doesn’t offer a ticket option with a transfer, several tour providers will arrange the whole day trip for you, including booking tickets for the Studio Tour. They’ll pick you up from your hotel in London or from a central meeting point, drop you off in time for your tour, and make sure you get safely back to the city center.

The Most Iconic Sets to See

The Studio Tour contains dozens of small sets that will be fascinating to serious Potterheads, but there are several major areas that are absolutely unmissable for all visitors.
The Great Hall | Flickr: Dave Catchpole CC BY 2.0

The Great Hall

The set for the Great Hall was built in 2000 for Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone and made an appearance in every other movie. It’s most famous for its four long tables and the ceiling which, through visual effects, was transformed into the night sky. You’ll be hurried through the Great Hall, so make sure to look around quickly since you won’t be able to linger. There are lots of details to see, including costumes from each Hogwarts house, the house points counter, and costumes worn by Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Professor Snape.
Forbidden Forest | Photo: Flickr, Ungry Young Man - CC-BY 2.0

The Forbidden Forest

A forest, inside? Yes! Some of the filming for scenes set in the Forbidden Forest was completed outdoors, but the parts which featured Aragog’s lair were shot inside on this atmospheric set. Inside you’ll see moving hippogriffs, spiders, and the gnarled roots of 12-foot tall trees. This set features dry ice to create the impression of fog on the ground, and it’s darker than the other sets (with occasional bursts of thunder and lightning), so it might make younger children a bit nervous. There’s also an option to skip past the spiders in case you’re as arachnophobic as Ron Weasley.
The Hogwarts Express | Flickr: scott1346 CC BY 2.0

The Hogwarts Express

Platform 9¾ is one of the most iconic sets, where the magic starts at the beginning of each school year. The Hogwarts Express whistles and steams as you explore its carriages, which are set up to look as they did in each of the 7 movies it featured in, complete with magical candy and Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s props. While most of the scenes shot at the platform were really filmed at King’s Cross Station in London, all of the interior train shots were completed at Leavesden. The final shots of Deathly Hallows Part 2 (the final Harry Potter movie) were also filmed here.
Diagon Alley | Flickr: Derek Hatfield CC BY 2.0

Diagon Alley

The Diagon Alley set was Harry Potter’s first glimpse into the magical world, accompanied by Hagrid in the Sorceror’s Stone. It changed a lot over the years of filming, and it was also reused as Hogsmeade, the village near Hogwarts, in some of the later movies. Spot storefronts from the books, including Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor, Flourish & Blotts, and Ollivander’s wand shop, plus Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. At the very end of the street, you’ll find the imposing Gringotts Wizarding Bank.
The Destruction of Gringotts | Flickr: Orangeaurochs CC BY 2.0

Gringotts Wizarding Bank

One of the newest sets opened as part of the Studio Tour, Gringotts bank is a marvel in fake marble and real crystal chandeliers. See where the goblin bank tellers counted galleons, sickles, and knuts before heading into the vaults where you can take a photograph with the sword of Gryffindor and the treasures of the Lestrange family. Finally, you’ll get to see the bank destroyed by an escaped dragon through the magic of physical and digital effects.
The Hogwarts Castle Model | Flickr: Dave Catchpole CC BY 2.0

Hogwarts Castle Exterior

Warning: this last room of the Studio Tour might just move any hardcore Potter fans to tears. It’s difficult to explain how impressive this scale model of the castle is, but it takes up a huge room, took the work of 86 artists to build, and contains more than 2,500 lights to light the windows and lanterns. Obviously, real actors don’t fit inside the model, but the castle was used to film the impressive aerial shots of the castle. The model room passes through day and night mode, so make sure that you spend plenty of time enjoying the details so that you can see it lit up and in daytime lighting.
The Gryffindor Common Room at Christmas | Flickr: big-ashb CC BY 2.0

Seasonal Events: Book Ahead

At certain times of the year, the Studio Tour dons its finery and dresses up for the season. These periods are often busier than normal, so it’s worth booking your tickets several months in advance, especially for Valentine’s dinner or any other after-hours events.
The Castle Model Dressed for Winter | Flickr: big-ashb CC BY 2.0

Hogwarts in the Snow

Some of the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter movies took place at Christmas. From the middle of November to about half-way through January each year, the Harry Potter Studio Tour gets a festive makeover. The Great Hall will be filled with trees and decorated for the Christmas feasts or the Yule Ball, while the Gryffindor common room and dormitory will be decked out with presents. The ultimate showstopper is the Hogwarts castle model, which is painstakingly dusted with snow. You can also learn more about the different kinds of snow used at the studios in the Special Effects department.
Spooky Props | Flickr: big-ashb CC BY 2.0

Dark Arts at Halloween

From the end of September until the beginning of November, the Studio Tour dresses up for Halloween! With a dark arts theme, you’ll be able to meet Death Eaters who will teach you how to duel, and several of the sets will get a spooky makeover. The Great Hall is a particular treat, with floating pumpkins hovering over a sumptuous Halloween feast. Tickets during the Dark Arts event cost the same as an ordinary Studio Tour ticket, but tickets might sell out faster during the event.

Valentine’s Dinner

Harry Potter might never have had much luck on Valentine’s Day, but you’re sure to wow your date with an invite to an exclusive Valentine’s Day dinner at Hogwarts. The Great Hall will be dressed to delight, with couples being treated to drinks and canapés before sitting down to a three-course meal. You’ll then get to enjoy after-hours access to the entire Studio Tour, giving you a quieter and more personal experience away from the day’s crowds. Drinks will be served on Platform 9¾ and coffee and sweet treats will be served around the Hogwarts Castle Model. Tickets are pricey, with a table for two costing £495, but they still sell out months in advance so it’s worth watching out for when the next batch of tickets gets released.
Young Wizards Practice Duelling | Flickr: big-ashb CC BY 2.0

Visiting With Your Family

Children’s Tickets

Children aged between 5 and 16 need to buy a discounted ticket for entry. Children aged 4 and under can enter free of charge but you’ll still need to make sure you reserve a ticket for them. There are family tickets available which can be used by one adult and three children or two adults and two children. Family tickets cost £148. All children under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Scary Scenes to Avoid

In general, the tour is full of fun little details that younger visitors will love to spot. There are a couple of areas that might be a bit much for very small children or those of a more sensitive disposition. Parents should be particularly mindful of the dark and spider-filled Forbidden Forest, the long table at Malfoy Manor (featuring Death Eaters), and the area of Gringotts bank which includes a destructive dragon. It’s easy enough to skip both of these areas, or you can ask a member of staff to help guide you through.

Extra Activities for Kids

Visitors with children should make sure to pick up a free Activity Passport from a staff member during the tour. The passport includes puzzles, trivia, and a hunt for the Golden Snitch. You can also collect souvenir stamps throughout the tour, and small children will enjoy using the old-fashioned stamp machines. Children will also enjoy the interactive parts of the exhibition, including triggering thunder in the Forbidden Forest, practicing dueling, or flying on a broomstick in the green screen area.

Merchandise for All Ages

Parents beware: there are plenty of gift shops spread throughout the Studio Tour, featuring lots of unique merchandise for all ages. If you don’t want to stop at each one (and bankrupt yourself in the process), we suggest either making sure your kids are distracted by the sets that are still to come and save any shopping until the end. Branded clothing is available from newborn to adult sizes, and there are plenty of plush toys to delight the kids who might still be too young to enjoy the movies.
The Studio Tour Shuttle Bus | Flickr: Dave Catchpole CC BY 2.0

How to Get to Leavesden

Public Transport

Step one is to get to Watford Junction. The easiest way to do this is to take a direct train from Euston Station in London, a journey which takes about 20 minutes. There are alternative options that start at other London train stations but make sure to plan in extra time if you’re using one of these routes. The whole train journey takes place within the London Oyster Card zone, so you don’t need to worry about buying a separate ticket if you already have a public transport pass for London.

Shuttle Service

Once you get to Watford Junction, the rest of the journey is easy. Branded shuttle buses will take you directly to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. A return journey costs £3 and you can pay via cash or contactless card. Make sure to keep your ticket safe since you’ll need it to return to the station after your tour.

Driving Instructions

It’s relatively easy to drive to Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter from London. Follow the M25 until you have the option to join the A41. Leavesden Studios are located close to the Hunton Bridge roundabout. If you’re using a satnav then enter the zip code WC25 7LR, and when you get close to the site, look out for brown traffic signs with Warner Bros. Studio Tour written on them. There is a large parking lot at the site, including disabled spaces, where visitors to the tour can park free of charge.


The Warner Bros. Studio Tour takes accessibility seriously, and disabled visitors are able to bring a carer with them free of charge. There are also several other ways the tour is accessible to visitors with additional needs.

For Wheelchair Users

The vast majority of the Studio Tour is accessible by wheelchair. Manual and electric wheelchairs are welcome inside the Studio Tour, although visitors who are part of a large group are asked to notify the attraction before their visit so that staff can make their experience as smooth as possible. At the beginning of the visit, there’s a cinema with a limited number of spaces for wheelchair users at one time, and there’s also a limitation on how many wheelchairs can be inside the latter part of the tour at the same time, which means there might be times that you have to wait before entering part of the tour. Some sections of the tour may be more difficult to navigate in a wheelchair, such as the cobbles of Diagon Alley, so you may need a companion or member of staff to assist you. Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Bridge can only be accessed via a short staircase. Visitors who want to take part in the broomstick flying opportunity need to be able to transfer from a wheelchair onto a broomstick, but seatbelts can be provided once you’re on the broomstick if required. Mobility vehicles wider than 33.8 inches (86cm) can’t be accommodated within the attraction, but guests who arrive in one can borrow a manual wheelchair free of charge.

For Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Blind Visitors

British Sign Language tours are available for Deaf visitors and Audio Descriptive tours are available for visually impaired visitors. Both of these tours should be booked at least 14 days in advance by contacting the studio directly. Induction loops are fitted throughout the tour and are compatible with most hearing aids that have the ‘T-coil’ function. Personal induction loops can also be provided for the Digital Guide, just ask a member of staff when you collect your Digital Guide from the lobby and they’ll be happy to help. Ear defenders are available during the cinema part of the tour for visitors who are sensitive to loud noises.

Service Animals

All registered guide dogs, hearing dogs, and medical alert dogs are allowed inside the Studio Tour, but owners are asked to bring any relevant documentation with them and to ensure their dog is easily identifiable as a service dog so that you aren’t delayed when you arrive. Water bowls can be provided for service animals, just ask a member of staff for assistance. Assistance dogs in training can’t be accommodated.

Parking & Bathrooms

Disabled parking bays are available in the free car park, just let the staff know that you need to use one and they’ll show you the way. You should also bring a letter confirming your entitlement to Disability Living Allowance, a letter from your doctor, or a Blue parking badge so that staff can confirm that you need the space and that you’re entitled to bring a carer into the Studio Tour for free. In addition to several accessible bathrooms located throughout the Studio Tour, visitors can also use the ‘Accessible Plus’ space which includes a hoist, changing bench, and shower facilities. Please ask a member of staff if you need to use this facility during your visit and they’ll show you the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy tickets for The Making of Harry Potter?

It is essential that you buy your tickets online in advance of your visit, as tickets aren’t sold on-site. You can either book directly from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour’s official website, or you can use a 3rd party provider who may have special offers available or have reserved tickets for days that might appear sold out on the official website. If it seems that all tickets have sold out on the day you’d like to visit, check back the day before or the morning of that day as sometimes tickets are returned or canceled and they’ll be put back on sale at the last minute. Read more.

What kind of attraction is the Studio Tour? Are there rides?

The Making of Harry Potter is not a theme park, so you won’t see any rides. Instead, it’s a collection of original sets, costumes, props, and interactive exhibits which tell the story of the making of the 8 Harry Potter movies, and how the world of Harry Potter was pulled out of J.K. Rowling’s books and into reality. Visitors will get to see animatronic figures of magical creatures, walk the cobblestones of Diagon Alley, and have a go at riding a broomstick! Read more.

Which sets will I see on my tour?

There are lots of sets, some extensive, some smaller. You’ll start in the Great Hall, then you’ll get to see the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 and 3/4. Outside on the Backlot, you’ll be able to visit the Knight Bus and Privet Drive. From April 2019 you can also visit Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley. Read more.

Are any of the sections scary?

Arachnophobes might want to skip the part of the Forbidden Forest where you’ll meet Aragog, an acromantula (or giant spider, for those not versed in Potter-speak). Just ask a member of staff and they’ll show you an alternative route. Malfoy Manor is also a bit spooky as it features a costumed mannikin suspended from the ceiling. Read more.

How long does the Warner Bros Studio Tour take?

The average visit takes 3 and a half hours, but there’s no time limit so you can explore for as long as you like. Just make sure that you don’t miss the last bus back to the train station! Read more.

Is there a restaurant on the Studio Tour?

In the lobby (where you’ll be at the start and end of the tour) there’s a café and a Starbucks, and there’s also a Backlot Café about halfway through the tour. You can bring your own food along with you and enjoy it either in the Backlot area or the outside picnic area before or after the tour. Just be aware that you can’t go back to pick up food from the cloakroom or your car once you’ve started your tour. Read more.

Can I take photographs?

You can absolutely take photographs or film while you’re visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour London! Just make sure that you’re using a handheld device as tripods and other specialist filming equipment (like drones) aren’t allowed to be used onsite. Read more.

General Information

Opening Hours:

The Studio Tour is usually open from 8.30 am, with the first tours beginning at 9 am, with the final tours at 6.45 pm and the tour closing at 10 pm. During less busy times of year the first tour begins at 10 am (with the Studio Tour opening at 9.30 am) and the final tour begins at 4.30 pm, with the attraction closing at 8 pm. The Studio Tour is also occasionally closed for maintenance or to decorate the attraction for special events. Check the opening times for your chosen dates before visiting.


Tickets for visitors aged 16 and over cost £ 49.95, and £ 39.95 for children aged 5 to 15. Children up to the age of 4 can enter free of charge but you’ll need to book them a free ticket. A family ticket is available for £ 159 and covers either 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and up to 3 children.

COVID-19 measures:

⚠️Currently, the following measures are taken against the coronavirus:
  • Following a change in Government guidance, face coverings will no longer be required to visit the Studio Tour.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Studio Tour Drive
WD25 7LR

How to get there:

Parking is available free of charge to visitors who have booked tickets ahead of time. The easiest way to travel using public transport is to take the train to Watford Junction (which is inside the Oyster card zone) and then taking a shuttle bus to the Studio Tour. The shuttle bus takes about 15 minutes, and buses depart every 20 minutes. The shuttle bus costs £3 for a return ticket.


Free WiFi is available throughout the Studio Tour, and guests are invited to share their experiences on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! If you need a little bit of extra juice, you can also buy branded portable phone chargers from the information desk for £15.


Coats, bags, and any shopping you may have with you can be stored in the cloakroom free of charge. Please note that the cloakroom can’t store food. Visitors are also asked to leave strollers in the cloakroom if possible, as only a limited number can be allowed into the attraction during each time slot.


Visitors may be required to undergo a bag search before entering the tour. The following items will be confiscated so please do not bring them: knives (including penknives with blades longer than 3 inches (7.62cm), pepper spray, firearms, imitation firearms, any other offensive weapons, and illegal drugs. Visitors are required to leave the following items in the cloakroom during their visit: knives with blades smaller than 3 inches, including Kirpans, alcohol, and scissors.
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