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Boboli Gardens

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The Boboli Gardens are some of the earliest and finest examples of Italian-style gardens. Built in the 16th Century for the Medici Family, they contain an impressive collection of artworks and sculptures, including man-made grottos, fountains, and garden temples. With TicketLens you can compare different websites to find the best prices for tickets to visit the Giardino di Boboli.
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Florence: Reserved Entry Ticket to the Boboli Gardens
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(4688)
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Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti & Boboli Gardens: Passepartout 5 Days
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(813)
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Guided Tours

Get more information about the history of the gardens and their many works of art when you book a guided tour.
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Florence: Boboli Garden Guided Tour
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(64)
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Skip-the-line combo tickets to Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens
4.4starstarstarstarstar half(1261)
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Medici's Mile Guided Walking Tour with Boboli Gardens Tickets
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Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens Private Tour
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(61)
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3 tips for visiting the Boboli Gardens

The view of Florence from Boboli Gardens
Enjoy the viewIf you love hunting for views, the Boboli Gardens are set slightly above the center of the city so you can find a great panorama of the Duomo and the rest of Florence.
Explore the paths and stairs of the Boboli Gardens
Wear comfortable clothingIf you want to discover every secret the garden has to offer, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes. There are lots of slopes and stairs, but if you love long walks there’s plenty to see!
Take your time for a picnicIf you’re looking for a lunch spot, bring a picnic blanket and some sandwiches! There are plenty of shady spots to escape the heat in summer. Just make sure to watch out for signs telling you not to walk on certain sections of the lawn.
Porcelain Museum

Boboli Gardens: A Highlight in Florence

The Medici's stately park includes many kinds of works of art, buildings and grottos. The collection of Renaissance sculptures includes works by Michelangelo, Giambologna, and Buontalenti. Botanically the Boboli Garden also has a lot to offer: Roses and citrus.
Lemon House | Pixabay

Particularly Worth Seeing in the Boboli Gardens

A selection of some of the park's attractions.

Amphitheater with Obelisk

The amphitheater, built in the Renaissance, was decorated with ancient sculptures, including a real ancient Egyptian obelisk imported from Luxor in 1789.

Neptune Fountain

The trident of the Neptune figure designed by Stoldo Lorenzi is affectionately called Forchetta (fork) by the Florentine population.

Lemon House

In 1778, the greenhouse for citrus fruits, Italian Limonaia, was completed. The building was designed by Zanobi del Rosso.

Porcelain Museum

The collection of the Museo delle porcellane includes over 2000 pieces from the Medici period to the unification of Italy. Admission to the Porcelain Museum is included in the ticket for the Boboli Gardens.
Sights in Boboli Garden | Flickr: Dimitris Kamaras CC-BY 2.0

Paths Through the Boboli Gardens

To see as much as possible there are two recommended paths through the gardes: while one runs relatively straight past the Nymphaeum, Neptune's Fountain, the Amphitheater, and the statue of the goddess Fortuna, the other winds around the garden's many grottos.

The historical Giardino di Boboli


The land on the hill, still owned by the Boboli family, was first used for agriculture. From the name of the former owners derives the name of the Boboli Garden.


Commissioned in the age of the Renaissance by Eleonora of Toledo, wife of Cosimo I de' Medici to the architect Niccolò Tribolo, the design of the park is based on elements from antiquity. Some statues and works of art even date directly from the Roman Empire or even Ancient Egypt, such as the obelisk in the center of the amphitheater.

Even under the later rule of the Lorraine family, the Giardino was constantly expanded. The garden has been open to visitors since 1766 and today it welcomes approximately a million guests a year.
Guided tour in the Boboli Gardens

Practical tips for visiting the Boboli Gardens

It is only possible to visit the park by foot. The park is accessible through four entrances: Palazzo Pitti, Porta Romana, Forte di Belvedere, and Annalena (at Via Romana 37/A). In case of weather conditions dangerous for visitors, the park may be closed temporarily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Boboli Gardens?

The gardens are in the Oltrarno district in the center of Florence, between the Palazzo Pitti and the Porta Romana. From Santa Maria Novella train station you can walk to the park in 30 minutes, or you can take the bus (C3 or C4) and be there in 15 minutes. One entrance is located by the Palazzo Pitti, but there are others on Porta Romana Square, by the Forte di Belvedere, and by the Palazzina di Annalena on the Via Romana. Read more.

How long should I plan for my visit?

If you’re visiting the Palazzo Pitti as well, then it’s recommended you plan at least 2 hours for the museums in the palace complex and 1 hour for the Boboli Gardens. There’s no time limit, so enjoy the park for as long as you like once you’re inside. Read more.

General information

opening hours

From Monday to Sunday the park opens daily at 8.15 am. The closing time changes depending on the time of year as follows:
4.30 pm in January, February, November, December
5.30 pm in March and October (with Standard Time)
6.30 pm in March (with Daylight Savings Time), April, May, September, October (with Daylight Savings Time)
7.10 pm June, July, August
On the first and last Monday of every month the park is closed to the public. The park is also closed on 25th December.


In the peak season (1st March to 31st October) standard tickets for the Boboli Gardens are 11€ and reduced tickets are 3€. During the off-peak season (1st November to 28th February) standard tickets are 6€ and reduced tickets are 3€. On the first Sunday of each month, entry to the gardens is free. These free tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office on the day, it isn’t possible to book in advance.


Piazza de’ Pitti 1
50125 Florence
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