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The London Dungeon

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Fans of spooky attractions who visit the British capital must not miss out on the London Dungeon. This interactive tour highlights the scariest chapters of London's legendary history. Many creepy characters and exhibits are fully intent on sending a nice shiver down guests' spines.

Often you might stand in long queues in front of this popular horror chamber and tickets are more expensive on site, so book online in advance.
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London Dungeon tickets
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Guided Tours

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6 tips for visiting the The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon entrance | C. G. P. Grey - CC BY 3.0
Don't be too sensitiveAt the London Dungeon, live shows and rides center around dark themes like witch burnings, the plague or conspiracies - so nothing for the faint-hearted! Also, don't be shy. The actors take their roles as nasty dungeon keepers seriously and try to tease the guests (don't worry, touching is forbidden). Also, you mustn’t have any problems with getting a little wet from time to time. If that's too much action for you, you might be more interested in the horror cabinets of Madame Tussauds London, not far from the London Dungeon.
The London Dungeon face | Duncan Harris - CC BY 2.0
Save money with combination ticketsIf you want to visit several attractions in London at once, London Dungeon tickets offer combination opportunities with other attractions. Depending on what you're in the mood for, you can combine your visit to this chamber of horrors with the spectacular Ferris wheel London Eye, or with the world-famous collection of wax figures Madame Tussauds London, the SEA LIFE London or Shrek's Adventure.
Read up on the history for a bitThe attractions at the London Dungeon are all based on real historical events since the late Middle Ages. If you don't know much about British history yet, we'll give you an overview of the most important details about the background of the attractions further down on this page.
See more of LondonAfter an adrenaline-pumping visit to the London Dungeon, take a stroll past the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe to Borough Market. If you're planning a big city tour anyway, we recommend London's Hop-On Hop-Off Tours.
Stop by on HalloweenA chamber of horrors like this would be nothing without Halloween events. In October, the London Dungeon usually comes up with some particularly spooky shows. Depending on your schedule flexibility, a visit is particularly worthwhile in autumn.
Visit the London Dungeon spinoffsDon't have a London trip planned at the moment, but you're still in the mood for something spooky? In that case, the Dungeon is present in many other European cities that you might find more convenient - including the Hamburg Dungeon and the Berlin Dungeon, the Amsterdam Dungeon or the The Edinburgh Dungeon.
The London Dungeon gargoyles | Gripweed - CC BY-SA 3.0

Highlights at the London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is an interactive attraction that brings the darkest chapters of London history to life through live actors, special effects and rides. Here's a brief rundown of the highlights that await you there.

Witches, plague and torture

The early modern period was anything but pleasant. Women were accused of witchcraft and executed, the plague decimated populations in big cities, and many faced oppression through torture and execution. Accordingly, the 17th century is the perfect setting for the backdrops and the various shows at the London Dungeon. Guests are presented a wide selection of gruesome stories, such as The Torture Chamber, The Plague Doctor or Curse of the Witch.

The Tyrant Boat Ride

In addition to live shows, the London Dungeon also offers traditional rides, which of course have been given a spooky twist. The Tyrant Boat Ride is a boat ride in which you follow the last hours of Queen Anne Boleyn's life. Her husband Henry VIII had her executed in the Tower of London in 1536. To this day, it is said that her decapitated ghost haunts the place.

Jack the Ripper & Whitechapel Labyrinth

Jack the Ripper is probably the most notorious murderer in British history. Accordingly, he should not be missing in the London Dungeon. On the one hand, his terrifying deeds are recited like a ghost story in an attraction of the same name. But if you can stomach more action, you can also try to escape Jack the Ripper in the so-called Whitechapel Maze.

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot transports guests via a live show, including virtual reality, to 1605, when conspirator Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the British Parliament. At the time, that was prevented and Guy Fawkes was executed - but the show at the London Dungeon offers an alternate history scenario. Outside of Great Britain, Guy Fawkes has not long ago gained new fame because his mask is considered an identifying symbol for hacker groups like Anonymous.

Escape Room

The new decade has created a hype for Escape Rooms worldwide; therefore, in 2023, the London Dungeon has also opened its very own Escape Room. Guy Fawkes is once again responsible for the story of the attraction. As co-conspirators, you must escape from the Tower of London dungeon in time by solving puzzles as a group. Two to six people are allowed to take part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the London Dungeon accessible for disabled persons?

Due to the nature of the attraction, only one wheelchair is allowed in the building at a time. Therefore, a wheelchair timeslot must be booked. Wheelchairs must weigh no more than 300 kg (661 pounds) and be no wider than 68 cm (2,2 ft). Select areas, such as the boat ride, are not accessible to wheelchairs. In addition, the attraction is not suitable for people who cannot tolerate dark rooms, bright lights and scares with loud noises. Read more.

What level of fright do the attractions offer?

There are scares and dark rooms in the London Dungeon, but the attractions are fundamentally meant to be fun and therefore not seriously scary. Read more.

How long does a tour last?

You are allowed to move around the attraction for 90 minutes, not counting queues. Read more.

Is the London Dungeon suitable for children?

Admission to the London Dungeon is recommended for ages twelve and up, although all children over the age of five are welcome. There are no age restrictions for the rides, but guests on the Drop Dead: Drop Ride freefall tower must be at least 1,40 m (4,5 ft) tall, guests on the Tyrant Boat Ride must be at least 1 m (3,2 ft) tall, while guests up to 1,20 m (3,9 ft) tall may only ride the latter with supervisors. Read more.

Can I take photos?

No, photography is prohibited inside the attraction. However, there are photo points where employees take snapshots of the guests, which can be purchased after the visit. Read more.

Can I take luggage into the London Dungeon?

Only small luggage is allowed. Visitors carrying large bags will be directed to nearby lockers. Read more.

Are there lockers at the London Dungeon?

No, the London Dungeon itself does not have lockers. Read more.

Is it possible to eat at the London Dungeon?

At the end of the tour there is a café with snacks. Read more.

General information

opening Hours

The London Dungeon is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. Opening hours vary depending on the week. In general it is open at least between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, but opening hours until 7:00 pm are also possible.


The London Dungeon
County Hall
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7PB


A standard admission ticket costs £33 online and £40 on site. For an online booking of £43, you get to choose your own time.

how to get there

The nearest train station is London Waterloo (and its sister station London Waterloo East). The station is served by the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern, and Waterloo & City lines of the London Underground, trains from the southeast and southwest of London, and bus numbers 1, 4, 26, 59, 68, 171, 176, 188, 507, 521 and RV1. Once you arrive there will be signs directing travelers to the South Bank, and the London Dungeon can be found almost directly opposite the Houses of Parliament, next to the Coca Cola London Eye and the SEA LIFE aquarium.
Klaus Kainz
Written byKlaus KainzAs a studied historian, Klaus is not only interested in historical sights, but also in their fascinating backgrounds. For TicketLens, he gets to the heart of the most interesting information about attractions and travel destinations.
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