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Quinta da Regaleira

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The Quinta da Regaleira (or Estate of Regaleira) is part of the ‘Cultural Landscape of Sintra’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It contains a romantic palace and chapel, with quirky features inside the building and the surrounding park. It’s worth a visit by itself, or combine it with a tour to some of the other fantastic areas of Sintra.
Maurizio MassaroBy Maurizio Massaro
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Tours & Offers

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From Lisbon Sintra, Regaleira, Pena Palace, and Cascais Tour
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(1342)
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Lisbon: Sintra Tour with Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(151)
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Sintra, Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira: Day Trip from Lisbon
4.7starstarstarstarstar half(148)
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Experience a magical day in Sintra, Palace of Pena, Quinta da Regaleira and Cabo da Roca from Lisbon
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Small group tour to Sintra, Pena Palace, pass by Regaleira, Cabo Roca, Cascais
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Sintra, Regaleira and Pena Palace Guided Tour from Lisbon
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(734)
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Sintra and Cascais Choose 2 of 6 Palaces to visit on private tour
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Quinta da Regaleira and Cabo da Roca Half Day Private Tour
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2 tips for visiting the Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira | Wiki Commons: Susanne Nilsson CC BY-SA 2.0
Mystics watch outQuinta da Regaleira is full of Tarot and Masonic symbolism eclectically mixed with the architecture of the estate. Those who do some research in this direction in advance will get more out of visiting the estate.
Ibis Fountain | Wiki Commons: Husond CC BY-SA 3.0
Fountain, lake and cavesBehind a small lake with a waterfall is an entrance to some caves in the park - a place full of beauty and romance.

The most important attraction in Sintra: the Quinta da Regaleira

The neo-Gothic-Manueline jewel combines different architectural styles.

Regaleira Palace

Luigi Manini built the estate between 1892 and 1910 for António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro, which was unparalleled only in the royal palaces of Portugal. The owners of the estate had achieved considerable wealth through coffee plantations in Brazil, among other things, which earned the Baron of Regaleira the reputation of a millionaire throughout his life.

With gargoyles, ornate columns and battlements, elements of the Gothic style feature prominently at Quinta da Regaleira. The architect created a total of five floors full of magnificent rooms, all of which can be visited today.
Chapel of Quinta da Regaleira | Wiki Commons: Kent Wang CC BY-SA 2.0


Since the park is redesigned every summer, it also looks a little different each season - but some elements always return.
Initiation Fountain | Wiki Commons: Stijndon CC BY-SA 3.0

Initiation fountain and park

The highlight in the park of the Quinta da Regaleira is undoubtedly the so-called initiation fountain with its spiral staircase over nine floors (corresponding to the 9 circles of hell from Dante Alighieri`s Divine Comedy). It was also designed in accordance with the mysticism of the Tarot and Freemasonry: a compass rose is embedded in the floor above a Templar cross.An impressive system of underground passages and caves connects the fountain with other grottoes and the Unfinished Fountain that looks like a bad copy of the initiation fountain.

Overall, the park has a rapturous, mystical atmosphere that stimulates the imagination and is an experience for young and old.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I plan to spend at Quinta da Regaleira?

It's easy to forget about time on the large grounds, and a whole day would be over so quickly soaking up the park, the palace and the chapel, and their many small design elements. You can expect to spend at least 3 to 4 hours at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra if you want to see everything once. Read more.

General information

opening hours

From April 1 to September 30 the Quinta de Regaleira opens at 9.30 am and closes at 8 pm, with the final admission at 7 pm. From October 1 to March 31, it opens at 9.30 am and closes at 6 pm, with the final admission at 5 pm. The palace, chapel and exhibition spaces close half an hour before the Quinta. The site is closed on December 24 and 25.


Quinta da Regaleira
2710-567 Sintra


Official site:


Tickets without a guided tour cost €8 for adults and €5 for those aged 65 to 79 or children aged 6 to 17. Children aged 5 and under, and seniors aged 80 and over can enter free of charge, as can disabled visitors with a companion. If you have a Lisboa Card or a Youth Card then you are entitled to a 20% discount. Audio guides are available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian for a fee of €3.

how to get there

The Quinta da Regaleira is a 20-minute walk from Sintra train station, making it one of the easiest sites to visit in the town. To get to the palace from other sites you can take buses 434 or 435. For those driving, parking is not difficult to find in the area, but be aware that the roads can be very narrow and challenging.
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