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Père Lachaise Cemetery | Ticket & Tours Price Comparison

Père Lachaise Cemetery

For the more morbid traveler, there’s no better place to explore than the beautiful cemetery of Père Lachaise. The largest green space in Paris is also the final resting place of over 70,000 people, including several famous names. Literature fans can pay their respects to Oscar Wilde, Proust, Balzac, and Gertrude Stein, while musicians can visit Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, and Chopin. Pick up a free map as you enter, or take a guided tour to learn even more about the site.
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With Audio Guide

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One Hour Père Lachaise Cemetery Self-guided Audio Tour by VoiceMap

Humorous GPS-triggered audioguide walk of the world’s most visited cemetery: Père Lachaise. Hear stories from the lives of Edith Piaf, Modigliani, Oscar Wilde and 15 more personalities. A fun stroll through the "world's largest open-air museum".  In The Chairfather tour, your guide, a local author, will take you on an immersive experience encompassing theatrical representations and citations, music clips, sound effects, gags and other surprises. Hearing the tales of personalities told in this entertaining way, you'll agree the passed have never been more alive! Come walk with The Chairfather and hear his stories. The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.
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Bundle of Père Lachaise Cemetery Walking Audio Tours by VoiceMap

Go on a series of humorous GPS-triggered audioguide walks of the world’s most visited cemetery: Père Lachaise. Amazing sculptures and racy stories await you. Mysteries are uncovered, like what was Edith Piaf’s last ride? Which piece from composer Chopin is missing? What did Abélard lose by loving Héloïse? We'll present poets, pensmiths and playwrights like Wilde, Balzac and Molière. Rock out with reposing stars like Jim Morrison, Rossini and Bizet. You'll meet more painters than you can shake a stick at. Hear fascinating stories from their lives in this fun stroll through the largest open-air museum, a park of a thousand sculptures and a million stories. Your guide, a local author, will share 50 of them in The Chairfather tours. Put three hours of content in your pocket with this package of all three walks for the price of two.  You can get the companion book here: walk with The Chairfather. It's an offer you can't refuse!
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Paris Pere Lachaise Cemetery Self-Guided Tour with Mobile App

Discover Pere Lachaise cemetery – the biggest in Paris, and the most famous in the world! That is not an ordinary cemetery, as you could expect, but a park made for long, contemplative walks alone or with a book, as it shrouds you with the mist of cultural heritage left by many outstanding writers, artists, and philosophers resting in the piece here. Our mobile app will lead you through a maze of creepy, but steel romantic headstones, including belonging to Jim Morrison, Balzac, and Oscar Wilde, which tomb with sphinx is covered by hot kisses from hundreds of admirers. You'll also see Edit Piaf’s grave and Chopin's, always decorated with fresh flowers; Modigliani’s tomb covered with paintings; Marcel Proust’s and others’ last-resting places.This cemetery is world-famous due to its residents. But it wasn't always like that – once its owners had to buy remains of French writers Moliere and La Rouchefoucald to begin a “dynasty” of culturally important figures lying at Pere Lachaise.

Guided Tours

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Paris: Pere Lachaise Cemetery Guided Tour

Explore the tombs and funerary art of the legendary Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris on a 2-hour guided tour, and see the graves of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Chopin and many other artists, writers and musicians in 44 hectares of landscaped beauty.
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Paris: Pere Lachaise Cemetery Guided Tour in French

Explore the funerary art of the legendary Père Lachaise Cemetery of Paris with a 2.5-hour guided tour. Admire the graves of Marcel Proust, Honoré de Balzac, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Chopin and many other artists, writers, and musicians.
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Paris' Pere Lachaise Gravestone Walking Tour

Visit one of the most romantic and mysterious sites in Paris on a small group walking tour through Pere LaChaise cemetery. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 25 people on this small group tour, ensuring you'll receive personalized attention from your knowledgeable guide.
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Paris: Père Lachaise Cemetery Walking Tour

See the tombs of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Edith Piaf and many others on a picturesque walk around the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Learn the history of one of the most famous burial sites in Paris on a small group guided tour.
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Paris: Pére Lachaise Cemetery 2-Hour Guided Tour

Come walk with Fred down the cobblestone pathways of an iconic 19th-century cemetery off the beaten path. This tour won't let any surprises go unnoticed.

General Information

Opening Hours:

From November to mid-March the cemetery is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5.30 pm, from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on Saturday and from 9 am to 5.30 pm on Sundays and holidays. From mid-March until October the cemetery closes at 6 pm.


Cimetière du Père Lachaise
8 boulevard de Ménilmontant
75020 Paris


Admission to the cemetery is free of charge. There are no official tours of the cemetery, though many independent companies offer tours for a range of prices. Free maps are available from the administration building near the main entrance.

How to get there:

Père Lachaise cemetery can be reached via metro to Philippe-Auguste station (line 2), Père Lachaise station (lines 2 and 3), or Gambetta station (line 3). It can also be reached via bus numbers 60, 69, and 102.
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