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Miniatur Wunderland

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Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland is home to the world's largest miniature model railroad. For many years, the 16,000 ft² (1,500 m²) model landscape has fascinated visitors with meticulously designed backdrops and idylls from all over the world - in miniature format.

Miniatur Wunderland is extremely popular with young and old, waiting times for entry can be up to 2 hours on peak days. Book tickets online in advance to avoid them!
Klaus KainzBy Klaus Kainz
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Some experiences and attractions are seasonal and might close temporarily.

6 tips for visiting the Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is fun | Flickr: Alexander Samoylyk CC BY 2.0
Avoid queuing by booking onlineMiniatur Wunderland is one of the most well known strongholds for model lovers and upcoming miniature fans. Therefore, it is usually very busy. Yet if you book a ticket in advance, you get the chance to choose the time of your visit and save yourself a long queue! If tickets are bought on the spot, you have to take a number, which can take up to 2 hours. Early in the morning, however, there is less crowding.
Miniatur Wunderland Airport | Flickr: Ashwin Kumar CC BY-SA 2.0
Booking group toursTours behind the scenes can also be booked for groups of up to six people. Here, Miniatur Wunderland employees explain how the models are built and the technology that allows cars to drive and airplanes to take off, for example. These tours should be reserved well in advance due to the limitation of group size.
Take your timeAll the quirky little details in the model railways are what make them special: So take your time to look at each individual scene! The models are bursting with detail that wants to be discovered. Naturally, everyone has their own pace. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take your time and take a good look at the detailed model work, which involves a great deal of craftsmanship.
Events and special toursOften special events take place in Miniatur Wunderland. Throughout the year, for example, tickets are available for night tours of this small world exhibition. The combination ticket Big Pots & Little Trains, on the other hand, allows admission to Miniatur Wunderland and a lecture with a one-hour harbor tour through the Port of Hamburg in the evening.
Try the gimmicksThe small landscapes are not only impressive to look at, but also interactive. Buttons can be used to trigger functions such as music, light shows and movements. The dioramas also have a day/night cycle with different settings.
Digital preview of Miniatur WunderlandNo yet convinced? This link will give you a glimpse into the attractions of Miniatur Wunderland through a Google MiniView on your webbrowser.
Trains in Miniatur Wunderland | Ulmon: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Miniatur Wunderland: A technical masterpiece since 2001

For more than two decades, this family-friendly attraction in the heart of Hamburg has been captivating visitors. A brief overview of where this fascination comes from:

The origins of Miniatur Wunderland

This paradise for model lovers was born in 2001 and originally opened with replicas of German and Austrian railroad areas and the fictional Knuffingen (city and airport). As early as 2003, the Miniature World became international, with an expansion into miniature America. Other regions from Scandinavia, Switzerland or Italy followed, as well as expansions for Knuffingen. After the completion of South America in 2021, plans for the Caribbean and Asia were already underway.
Fall of the Berlin Wall | Ulmon: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The ever-expending miniature country

Now the Miniature Wonderland boasts well over 15,000 tracks and around 300,000 figures. In total, more than 1,000 model trains run on the dioramas, past more than 4,000 buildings. More than 800,000 hours of work are now said to have gone into what is actually a gigantic mini-land.
Knuffingen Airport scoreboard | Ulmon: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Let's go to Knuffingen!

The fictitious town of Knuffingen, including the airport, is a special highlight, not least because of its innovative model-making technology. The airport fascinatingly demonstrates model art and is one of the most popular parts of the exhibition. There, small planes take off and land according to the screen in the diorama, which displays departure times, and are serviced on the ground, where there is equally bustling activity.
Exterior facade in the Speicherstadt, Hamburg | Ulmon: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Wunderland becoming international

The attraction has been constantly expanded since its creation in 2001, so as not to become boring. In 2020 and 2021, Monaco and Provence as well South America were added as new sections, with Central America and the Caribbean already in the queue for 2023. By 2026, Asia is the next milestone.

Going through history in a mini format

It is not only through regional expansions that Miniatur Wunderland keeps itself fresh. In addition, there are now many special exhibitions on special topics. Historical dioramas, for example, show Berlin during the time of the Berlin Wall or the history of our civilization in eight stations. Across the 52ft (16m) high and 82 ft (25m) long bridge over the Elbe, there is now the exhibition The World from Above which presents various places in the world from a bird's eye view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I plan to spend at Miniatur Wunderland?

Most visitors spend about 3 hours in Miniatur Wunderland, depending on their interest, this time can of course be extended or shortened. Read more.

Is Miniatur Wunderland accessible for disabled visitors?

In principle, yes. However, on busy days, it can be difficult for guests in wheelchairs to maneuver. On Monday evenings, 2 hours are set from 6:00 p.m. for guests with special needs. The elevator for wheelchairs in Miniatur Wunderland can carry a maximum weight of 300 kg, but not excessively wide wheelchairs. If visiting Miniatur Wunderland in a wheelchair outside of Monday evenings, it is advised to inform the staff in advance.

Guided tours for blind as well as deaf people can be booked.
Read more.

Is there anything to eat on site?

Miniatur Wunderland has a restaurant and a bistro in the waiting area with smaller dishes. A play area for children rounds out the restaurant's offerings for families. You can also bring your own food. Read more.

Can I take my dog to Miniatur Wunderland?

Dogs are allowed, but only on a leash. Read more.

Can I leave my luggage on site?

Yes, Miniatur Wunderland offers a checkroom for guests. Read more.

General information

opening hours

Miniatur Wunderland is open daily, between 9:00 and 18:00. However, you should check for special opening hours. During vacations, vacations or weekends it is sometimes open until 1:00 am.


The standard ticket for the Miniatur Wunderland costs 20€. However, there are various discounts. Students or seniors, for example, get tickets for 17€, children up to 15 years for 12,50€.


Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
Kehrwieder 2
20457 Hamburg – Speicherstadt

how to get there

The Miniatur Wunderland can be reached quickly on foot from the City Hall or the Elbphilharmonie. Bus line 6 stops just outside the attraction, alternatively the U3 subway to Baumwall, the U1 to Messberg and the S1 and S3 streetcars to Stadthausbrücke. There are a total of 44 parking spaces on site, each of which costs €1.50 per hour.
Klaus Kainz
Written byKlaus KainzAs a studied historian, Klaus is not only interested in historical sights, but also in their fascinating backgrounds. For TicketLens, he gets to the heart of the most interesting information about attractions and travel destinations.
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