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Mirabell Palace

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Mirabell Palace is one of the most famous buildings in the Old City of Salzburg and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in the 17th century as the residence of the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg. Today, some rooms are used by the city council; other parts of Mirabell Palace can be visited and serve as venues for concerts. Especially in summer, the beautiful gardens are a major attraction. Parts of them can be seen in the film The Trapp Family (on which the musical The Sound of Music is based).
Jessica DonevBy Jessica Donev
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Experience a concert in the beautiful Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace.
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Salzburg: Mozart Concert at Mirabell Palace
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You just want an audio tour? Sure! This way, you learn a lot for a little money.
You want to experience the chic Salzburg in style? Book a dinner and listen to the concert sounds in the Marble Hall.
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Salzburg: Dinner and Classical Concert at Mirabell Palace
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Salzburg Mirabell Palace self-guided audio tour
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6 tips for visiting the Mirabell Palace

Mirabell Palace Gardens and Mirabell Palace | Flickr: Steffen Flor CC-BY 2.0
Concerts in the Marble HallThe former ballroom of the Prince Archbishop now serves as a venue. Honours, conferences, and also weddings take place there. The Marble Hall, which is accessed by the Angels' Staircase, is the setting for the Mirabell Palace Concerts.
Mirabell Palace | Flickr: Pixelteufel CC-BY 2.0
Picnic under 'marble dwarfs'As a famous film setting, the former Baroque garden is world-renowned. Feel free to sit down on the grass, on one of the benches or by the fountain, and enjoy a picnic with a view of the cathedral and the Hohensalzburg Castle on the other side of the Salzach. Watch the people stroll and marvel, and enjoy the atmosphere. Don't forget to visit the 'Dwarf Garden' located on the premises with its admirable 17 dwarf statues made of noble marble.
Admire the beautyMirabell comes from Italian and is composed of the words ‘mirabile’ meaning admirable and ‘bella’ meaning beautiful. Take enough time and feel free to return to admire the palace and the gardens in different lighting.
Get Married in the PalaceIn the palace, not only are the official offices of the Mayor of Salzburg located, but also an impressive marble hall, which offers couples a great place for an unforgettable wedding. If you’re looking for pure romance, this is the right place!
Walls and Gardens full of historyThe palace was built around 1606. The walls tell stories and the pleasure garden secrets of the past. No one knows these better than an experienced guide. It is best to book a guided tour to get to know the palace better.
Perfect Starting Point for Your Tour through SalzburgStart your city tour best early in the morning at the Mirabell Palace. In the morning, there are fewer visitors, and you will have more time afterward to discover other attractions in the old town. For instance, Mozart's birthplace or the famous Getreidegasse are just a few minutes walk away.
Mirabell Palace and Gardens with a View of Hohensalzburg Fortress | TiketLens - Jessica Donev

The History of the ‘Fairytale Castle’

A Glimpse through the Ages
Mirabell Gardens | Flickr: Kent Wang CC-BY 2.0

Majestic History and Timeless Beauty

Salzburg, the City of Music and Baroque Splendor, harbors a cultural treasure amidst its picturesque settings - Mirabell Palace. With a history dating back to the 17th century, this palace is not only an architectural masterpiece but also a witness to Salzburg's rich past.
Mirabell Palace and Garden | Flickr: Kent Wang CC-BY 2.0

The Origins: A Love for Eternity

Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau for his beloved Salome Alt. The Archbishop's love for Salome inspired him to create this magnificent palace with its famous gardens. It was originally known as Altenau, but after the death of Salome Alt in 1617, it was renamed Mirabell, meaning 'admirable' and 'beautiful'.
Marble Hall inside the Mirabell Palace | Flickr: thomas.kopf CC-BY 2.0

Special attractions in the castle

The entire castle area is not only known for its romantic history, but also for its impressive architecture and the unique attractions to be admired there
The Pegasus Fountain | Flickr: Pixelteufel CC-BY 2.0

The Pegasus Fountain

A highlight of the Mirabell Palace gardens is undoubtedly the Pegasus Fountain. This artistically designed fountain features the winged Pegasus and is a popular meeting point and photography spot for visitors.
The Thunder Steps

The Thunder Staircase

The majestic, grand staircase of the castle, named after the sculptor Georg-Raphael-Donner, impresses with its baroque splendor. The staircase, richly decorated with putti ('small, childlike, mostly naked angelic figures'), is therefore also called Angel Staircase. Here, the artful design of the era is reflected, offering an impressive entry into the inner rooms of the castle. The staircase is a popular photo motif for wedding couples marrying in the Marble Hall.

The Marble Hall

The Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is not only a masterpiece of architecture but also a place that harbors a rich musical history. Mozart and his sister already played in the hall. Today, weddings, honors, or concerts take place in the Marble Hall.

The Castle Chapel

Like so much of the castle, a painting in the Castle Chapel was also destroyed in a devastating fire in Salzburg in the year 1818. The altar painting was renewed in 1830. Since 1938, the Castle Chapel has been a parish church of the Old Catholic Church of Austria. Here too, classical concerts take place at regular intervals.

The Gardens of Mirabell

The stepped terrace gardens of the castle are an oasis of calm and beauty. From artfully arranged flower beds to impressive statues, the gardens provide a picturesque setting for the castle and are a place of relaxation for locals and tourists alike. The hedge theater built within is still a venue for small theatrical performances or concerts.

The Orangery

Once, the Orangery was intended as a protection for citrus fruits during the winter months, as citrus fruits were considered a princely virtue. Today, exotic plants flourish in the urban jungle. You can also discover parrots, turtles, and goldfish among the blooming plants.
Ride on a Unicorn | TicketLens - Jessica Donev

Your visit to Mirabell Palace - Jessica’s Tasks

Complete my tasks during your visit to Mirabell Palace
Part of the Mirabell Garden | Unsplash: Ben Berwers

Geocaching among unicorns

The best time for a visit is spring. It brings romance back into the gardens after the many cold months. The flowers are blooming, and as a visitor, you no longer have to trudge through the wet, gray city in a down coat. So, head to Salzburg to Schloss Mirabell and the Mirabellgarten.

I myself have been to the Mirabellgarten several times and like to turn my trips into adventures. So, what can you experience at Schloss Mirabell that you might not be able to repeat so easily? Which secrets are there to discover and where is a special experience hiding? When traveling, I always become a child again, and that works surprisingly well when visiting Schloss Mirabell.

So we start with the fun tour through Schloss Mirabell. Right at the northern entrance to the garden, there are two statues of unicorns. Ever ridden on a unicorn? No? Then it's time! Hop on and take a photo with the mythical creature. Please smile!

Next up is geocaching. There are millions of geocaches all over the world - also in the garden of Schloss Mirabell. Geocaching is a kind of modern treasure hunt where coordinates published on the internet can be used to find the hides. Just don't get caught! Muggles, that is, people who don’t know geocaching, should never see you geocaching!
Garden gnome in the Mirabell Garden | Flickr: Ernesto CC-BY 2.0

Counting Dwarfs with 'Spritzer' and catchy tune

In Linz, a city in Upperaustria, there's dwarf watching in the grotto train, in Salzburg, you can count dwarfs. Originally, there were 28 dwarfs made of white 'Untersberger Marble' in the Dwarf Garden. Today, there are only 17 left. Can you find all the dwarfs? Choose your favorite dwarf and take a photo of yourself in the same pose as the dwarf.

The next task is inspired by Bibi Blocksberg, a witch in a well-known children's audio drama series. My favorite episode was the one where Bibi travels back in time and becomes a princess. There's nowhere better in Salzburg to play 'nobility' than in the Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace. Come up with your own prince or princess name and speak as the Austrian nobility once did. My name is Jessica von Jewelstein, 'pour' the sparkling wine, my noble companion!

I hope I can make your visit a bit more fun with my tasks. It's best to watch The Sound of Music before your visit; then you're perfectly prepared. Feel free to send us photos of your visit and completing the tasks! With or without a dirndl, with or without the catchy tune from Julie Andrew’s ‘Do-Re-Mi’. From 1:00 on, the video shooting location is in Mirabell Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the palace and the garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The palace and the garden are accessible without barriers. The Marble Hall and the Pegasus Room have an induction loop for visitors with hearing impairments. Read more.

How much time should I plan for a visit to Mirabell Palace?

The duration of the visit depends on personal interests. An hour might be enough to see the main areas, while lovers of history and garden architecture should plan more time. Read more.

Is it possible to stay overnight in Mirabell Palace?

No, the palace is not a hotel. However, it is open to visitors for events and tours. Read more.

General information

opening hours

The palace and the Angels' Staircase are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Marble Hall is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Marble Hall may be closed during special events. The gardens of Mirabell Palace are open daily from 6:00 a.m. until sunset. The Orangery opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 4:00 p.m. The Hedge Theater and the Dwarf Garden are both closed in winter.


Guests can visit the palace's public areas and gardens free of charge.


Schloss Mirabell & Mirabellgarten
Mirabellplatz 4
5020 Salzburg

how to get there

From Salzburg city center, Schloss Mirabell is easily accessible on foot. Alternatively, you can take bus lines 23, 180, or A to the stop Salzburg Mirabellgarten, or lines 25, 180, or 840 to Salzburg Mirabellplatz. There is no dedicated parking at the palace, but parking is available for a fee at the opposite Mirabell Congress car park.
Jessica Donev
Written byJessica DonevJessica is the definition of Jack of all trades. When she wants to do something, she just does it. That's why Jessica is an event manager, professional dancer, trainer, content creator, speaker / presenter in training and much more. Having traveled the world a lot, she knows what's important when traveling and shares it with you here on TicketLens.
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