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Schloss Belvedere (The Belvedere Palace) invites us to dive into Vienna's baroque beauty. Let us walk together through the opulent gardens, explore the artistic painting galleries and feel the whisper of past times! Schloss Belvedere opens its gates for you, and there is a lot to discover. Are you ready for an unforgettable day? Then book your tickets today - off to Belvedere!
Jessica DonevBy Jessica Donev
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Vienna: Upper Belvedere & Permanent Collection Entry Ticket
4.6starstarstarstarstar half(8982)
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Belvedere Palace: Lower Belvedere
4.5starstarstarstarstar half(112)
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Upper or Lower Belvedere Palace Direct Entry Tickets
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(3705)
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Direct Entry Ticket to the Upper Belvedere Palace
4.3starstarstarstarstar half(3496)
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Get to know the art collection better and skip the lines.
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Vienna: Skip-the-line Upper Belvedere Tickets & Guided Tour
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Belvedere: World-Class Art & Aristocratic Utopias Tour
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Skip-the-line Upper Belvedere Tickets & Guided Tour Vienna
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Vienna: Private Tour of Austrian Art in the Belvedere Palace
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8 tips for visiting the Belvedere

Upper Belvedere | Unsplash: Leonhard Niederwimmer CC-BY 2.0
Pre-purchase ticketsThe Belvedere can be very crowded at peak times, especially in summer and during holiday periods. To avoid long waiting times, it is best to buy your tickets in advance. Here on TicketLens you can compare the different offers.
Lower Belvedere | Unsplash: daniel plan CC-BY 2.0
Book a guided tourA guided tour through the Belvedere can help you better understand the history and the artworks. There are different types of tours, including those that allow access to areas that are not normally open to the public.
Explore the gardensThe gardens of the Belvedere are just as impressive as the palace itself. Make sure to schedule enough time to stroll through the gardens, admire the statues and fountains, and enjoy the tranquility.
Enjoy the viewThe upper Belvedere offers a spectacular view over Vienna. Don't forget to take a break to enjoy the panorama and snap some photos of famous Viennese landmarks like the St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater.
The Café at the Lower BelvedereMany visitors focus mainly on the Upper Belvedere, while the café at the Lower Belvedere is often overlooked. It's a great place to take a coffee break and enjoy the atmosphere, without being surrounded by crowds.
Artworks and ArchitectureBesides the numerous artworks like the well-known “The Kiss” by Klimt or works by Egon Schiele, it's also worth admiring the architectural details of the Upper Belvedere. The magnificent ceilings, the intricate wall decorations, and the impressive grand staircase are all equally worth seeing.
Plants in BelvedereThe Orangery in the Lower Belvedere is a wonderful place to admire a variety of plants. The Lower Belvedere is often quieter than the Upper Belvedere and offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
Insider's tipThe Belvedere 21 is a hidden gem that many tourists don't know about. Here, temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists are shown. It's worth taking a look at what's currently on display.
Upper Belvedere | Unsplash: Leonhard Niederwimmer CC-BY 2.0

The Belvedere Palace

Between Today and the Past
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt | Pixabay: ajs1980518 CC-BY 2.0

9 am 21st Century

You arrive at the Belvedere and set off to be in front of the famous artwork by Gustav Klimt, ‘The Kiss’, before the crowds. It's one of the highlights in the Upper Belvedere and you're glad you managed to get up early from the cosy hotel bed. Before your tour starts, you enjoy the view over Vienna from the terraces of the Upper Belvedere.
Upper Belvedere

9 am 18th Century

Prince Eugen von Savoyen wakes up in his sumptuous residence and gets ready for a morning walk in the gardens. During his round, he checks the progress of the landscaping and gives some instructions to the gardeners before sitting down at his lavishly set breakfast table.

10 am 21st Century

You participate in a guided tour and learn more about the history, the architecture, and the artworks of the Belvedere. You also wander through the gardens, including the symmetrical Baroque gardens and the picturesque walking paths during the tour.

10 am 18th Century

In the morning, Prince Eugen spends his time showing off his palace and art collection to his invited guests, who are diplomats and important personalities of Vienna, and are utterly delighted by Prince Eugen's collection.

12 o'clock 21st century

You are hungry. So you decide to take a lunch break at the Café of the Lower Belvedere and order a delicious lunch. The Viennese coffeehouse culture, which is very much alive here, compels you to order another coffee and cake. You decide on a classic of the sweet Austrian cuisine, the Sachertorte, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

12 o'clock 18th century

Prince Eugene's guests stay for a festive dinner. Discussions about art and politics are held. During the banquet, rich dishes and exquisite wines are served.

3pm 21st century

After the lunch and coffee at the Lower Belvedere, you stay on. Here you admire the artful ceiling paintings, the plants of the Orangery, and discover the Privileged Gallery. During lunch, you had a conversation with one of the waiters and received a secret tip for visiting the contemporary art at Belvedere 21.

3 pm 18th century

Prince Eugene uses the afternoon for himself. In his private time, he retreats to his chambers and dedicates himself to his own artistic interests. Afterwards, he relaxes in the grand bed to prepare for the evening.

5 pm 21st Century

To conclude the day, you take one more walk through the surrounding parks and look for a restaurant nearby for your dinner. You must end your day at the Belvedere in style, so you head to the hotel to change. You spend an evening worthy of a noble family at the C.O.P. in the 1st district of Vienna.

5 pm 18th Century

In the evening, Prince Eugene of Savoy hosts a soirée with music, dance, and entertainment to entertain the guests and demonstrate his wealth and power once again. The Viennese nobility, including the Esterházy, Schwarzenberg, and Liechtenstein families, mingle with artists and intellectuals from Vienna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special events at the Belvedere?

Yes! There are always different programs at the Belvedere. At 'Tea Time', for example, you can enjoy the rooms with other visitors over tea. Also, different themed tours are regularly rotated. Read more.

Is the Belvedere suitable for children?

Yes, definitely. The Belvedere offers playful tours and experiences for children. Kindergarten and school groups are also warmly welcomed at the Belvedere. Read more.

Can I buy souvenirs at the Belvedere?

The Belvedere has a shop. There are always Special Collections from various designers. Of course, the shop also stocks an exhibition catalogue, jewelry, children's toys, and books. Read more.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, there are lockers at all locations. Please note that larger suitcases will not fit. Read more.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

Yes, wheelchairs are available free of charge at all three locations. Read more.

Can I book the premises for events or weddings?

Yes, there are rooms at all three locations that you can book for events. You can also celebrate your wedding at the Belvedere Palace or organize your wedding photography here. Read more.

General information

opening hours

The three locations and the gardens have different opening hours. The Upper Belvedere is open daily from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. The Lower Belvedere is open daily from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM. The Belvedere 21 is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM and on Thursday it is open until 09:00 PM.


The prices for entry to the three locations differ. A regular three in one day pass costs 26.10 €, reduced for seniors and students 21.90 €. Children and teenagers under 19 enter the Belvedere for free. People with disabilities and their accompanying persons pay an entry fee of 6 €.
A ticket for visiting the Upper Belvedere starts at 16.70 €, if you purchase it online. On-site, a ticket costs 19.00 €. Moreover, when you buy your tickets online you receive Time-Slots, so there may be wait times if you purchase a ticket on site. With a Time-Slot ticket, you can usually enter the Belvedere Palace at your scheduled time.


Official site:


Upper Belvedere
Prinz Eugen-Straße 27
1030 Vienna

how to get there

The Belvedere is located about a 20 to 25 minute walk south-east of Vienna's city center. It is a pleasant walk through the city, past many beautiful buildings and parks.
If you are arriving by train in Vienna, you get off at the Hauptbahnhof for Belvedere Palace and can reach your destination on foot in 15 minutes or by taking tram lines D or 18.
The U1 subway line stops at Südtiroler Platz / Hauptbahnhof. From here, it's about a 10-15 minute walk to Belvedere Palace.
Several bus lines, e.g., the line 13 A, stop near the Belvedere.
Vienna is also a bicycle-friendly city with many cycle paths. You can come with your own bike, or rent one locally.
If you are coming by car, you can park near the Belvedere. However, parking in Vienna's city center can be challenging. We recommend parking in a Park&Ride and traveling to the center using public transportation.
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