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Efteling is a fairytale-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel, about an hour and 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. The brainchild of artist Anton Pieck, filmmaker Peter Reijnders and local mayor R.J. van der Heijden, the park has been entertaining visitors since 1952. Allegedly an inspiration for the original Disneyland, Efteling has fairytales to explore, rides for adrenaline-seekers, and magical shows for the whole family.
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Tickets to Efteling Theme Park
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Private Day Trip to the Efteling Theme Park with Ticket from Amsterdam
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4 tips for visiting the Efteling

Flying Carpet | Photo: Flickr, Maarten - CC BY 2.0
Dutch weather can be changeable so make sure you’re ready for unexpected rain showers, especially outside of the summer months. Bring layers, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable shoes because there’s a lot to explore! If you don’t enjoy getting wet on water rides then bring a poncho or waterproof jacket.
Fata Morgana | Photo: Flickr, vincent lee - CC BY 2.0
Make sure to watch Aquanura - the amazing water, light, and music show. Try to see it after sunset to get the best experience.
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Watch out for seasonal differences - not only do the park opening times change, but all the water rides close during late autumn and winter, and some of the other rides close when it’s particularly cold outside. That being said, Winter Efteling offers a different range of shows and some special events which might compensate for having fewer rides to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Efteling?

It’s one of Europe’s best theme parks! The first version of Efteling park was founded in 1935 as a sports park, which was expanded in 1936 to include a carousel, pony ride, and playground. In 1952 the Fairytale Forest was added and the modern Efteling was born, with sculptures of 10 classic fairytales including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and the Frog Prince. Gradually more fairytales and attractions were added, including a miniature steam train and a steam carousel. From 1978 more rides were added, including the first rollercoaster. Today the park is a proper theme park, with rides, shows, and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages, plus its own hotels and golf course in the surrounding area. Read more.

What age group is the park designed for?

There aren’t as many thrill rides as there are in other amusement parks, but that doesn't mean this park is just for children! It’s certainly family-friendly, but it has some dark elements to it which might be intriguing for older visitors. It’s fairy tales are closer to the original versions published by the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson than they are to the Disney versions, so they can be a little bit eery and might even be very scary for more imaginative kids (and adults!). Having said that, the park is full of bright colors and play areas for younger children and it has several excellent rollercoasters and water rides for thrill seekers, so everyone will find something to enjoy. Read more.

How long should we plan for our visit?

You can definitely spend a whole day at Efteling, and if you’re traveling with small children you might need two in order to explore the whole park slowly. There’s more to the park than meets the eye at first, and you can easily spend a couple of hours just exploring the fairytales before trying any rides. Read more.

Where should we eat? Should we bring a picnic?

The park includes several restaurants, all of which are reasonably priced when compared with food options at other theme parks. If you can, try to eat at Polles Keuken, a pancake restaurant (prices start at €6.50 for a pancake, the children’s menu costs €7.50), where the castle’s kitchen will come to life around you while you eat! Many restaurants also stay open after the park closes, so you can visit for dinner as well if you’re staying in the area. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic, but the park requests that you don’t eat your own food inside the park’s restaurants. Feel free to sit on the lawns if the weather is nice! Read more.

Who are the Paper Gobblers?

The Paper Gobblers are the park’s fun way to encourage children to pick up litter! The most famous one is called Holle Bolle Gijs, who’s always hungry for paper. Try feeding him something and see what he says in response... Read more.

General information

opening hours

The Efteling park opening hours vary depending on the season. From November until the end of March the park’s opening hours are generally 11 am to 6 pm, with the park opening at 10 am on weekends, and from April until the end of June the park hours are generally 10 am to 6 pm. Between July and the end of September, the park opens from 10 am to 8 pm. On certain dates, the park may be open as late as 11 pm for special events.


Tickets during the low season cost €38 if you buy them on the gate. Tickets for other times of the year cost €42 on the gate. Children aged 3 and under can enter the park free of charge. Tickets for the CARO show in the Efteling Theatre cost €25, or €55 for a combined ticket to the show and the park. If you’re staying at an Efteling hotel then you can get a ticket to the show for €7.50.


Europalaan 1
The Netherlands

how to get there

From you can reach Efteling from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle, Nijmegen, Almere, Venlo, and Maastricht by taking the train to Den Bosch station then transferring to one of the buses that depart from the station (numbers 300, 301, 136, and 800). From The Hague, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Vlissingen, Roosendaal, Antwerp, or Brussels, take a train to Breda station and then take a bus to Efteling (numbers 300, 301, 136, and 801). During the weekends and in peak season an express bus service (802) runs from Breda to Efteling without stopping. Car parking is available onsite for €10 a day. Parking is free for visitors staying at official Efteling hotels and holiday villages.


Official site:


There are lockers available throughout the park. You’ll need a 1 coin to operate them, which will be returned when you collect your belongings.


Nearly all attractions are accessible by wheelchair users, many of them via a separate entrance. Wheelchair users will usually need to get out of their wheelchair to ride in ride vehicles, and if they are unable to do so then they should have at least one companion with them to assist them. All the restaurants and shops are wheelchair accessible, but some shops may have limited room to manoeuver within them. Wheelchairs are available to borrow free of charge. Assistance and guide dogs are welcome in the park but must wear a vest to identify them as a service animal, and should be registered with the Visitor Service Center on arrival. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in several attractions and some rides, on occasions where the dog cannot ride with its owner it should be left with a companion. There are two care rooms available for those who need to be cared for lying down, and there is also a relaxation room for guests with conditions which mean they may get overwhelmed during their visit. If you’re visiting a show at the Efteling Theater, there are auditory loops for the hard of hearing, these can be borrowed from the cloakroom in the foyer. Restrictions and instructions for each attraction (e.g. if those with heart conditions or epilepsy are advised not to take part) are listed at the entrance to each attraction and on the special accessibility map available from the Visitors’ Service center.
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