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Phlegraean Fields

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The Phlegraean Fields (or Campi Flegrei) are among the world’s most geologically active sites, and visitors will be able to see geothermal and volcanic phenomena up close when they take a tour of the area. Tours often include the crater of Solfatara, the amphitheater of Pozzuoli, and the cave of the Cumean Sybil in Cuma. There’s also a museum dedicated to the site in Baia which holds artifacts from the various temples and structures built among the fields by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
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From Naples: Phlegraean Fields 5-Hour Fiat 500 or 600 Tour
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Phlegraean Fields: Pozzuoli Guided Walking Tour
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From Naples: Phlegraean Fields & Baia Archaeological Tour
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Private Tour from Naples to Phlegrean Fields, Pozzuoli, and Cuma
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Pozzuoli | Pixabay

The Phlegraean Fields a Natural Spectacle & Cultural Highlight in Campania

A supervolcano, but also the scene of ancient civilization.
Solfatara | Pixabay

The Highlights of the Volcanic Terrain


In the territory of the city of Pozzuoli, about 10 kilometers from Naples, you can find the crater of Solfatara formed about 4000 years ago. Solfatara has a diameter of 770 meters and characteristic are the gas fumes smelling of rotten eggs that escape through the Solfatars named after the crater. There is also an ancient Roman sauna here, where the volcanic gases were used medicinally. At the moment, unfortunately, the crater can not be visited due to a closure.

Cratere Degli Astroni

As a nature reserve, the green oasis of Astroni Crater is perfect for a quiet getaway. Many local plant and animal species thrive here, but the volcanic activity is not nearly as visible as at Solfatara.
Museo Archeologico Baia, 1st century marble altar | Flickr: Carole Raddato CC BY-SA 2.0

History and Archaeology in the Phlegraean Fields

Of particular importance are the Archaeological Museum in Castello di Baia, the Roman Baths in Baia, the Parco Archeologico di Cuma and the Amphitheater.

Parco Archeologico Campi Flegrei

The Archaeological Sites of the Phlegraean Fields include various sites between the towns of Cuma, Pozzuoli, Baia, Bacoli and Miseno.

Museo Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei nel Castello di Baia

The 15th century Aragonese castle since 2010 exhibits mainly finds from the excavations carried out in the area of the Phlegraean Fields, including statues, sculptures, sarcophagi and vases.

Pozzuoli Amphitheater

The Anfiteatro Flavio di Pozzuoli also hosts multimedia exhibitions in an ancient setting, some of them in close cooperation with the Naples National Archaeological Museum, for example.

Combo Tickets and Offers

In the combo pass campania>artecard the entrance to Parco Archeologico Campi Flegrei is already included. The city ticket includes over 80 cultural attractions in Naples and the entire Campania region. The annual pass MyFleg Card is available for as little as € 20.

General information

opening hours

Please note that tours to the Solfatara crater have been suspended until further notice.

The Baia archaeological site is open from 9 am until one hour before sunset. The Phlegraean Fields Archaeological Museum is open from 9 am to 2.30 pm, with last entrance at 1:30 pm. All sites are open every day except Mondays.


Phlegraean Fields
80078 Pozzuoli
Metropolitan City of Naples


Combined tickets to the Archaeological Museum, the amphitheater, and the archaeological park cost 4€ for adults and 2€ for EU citizens aged 18-24. Entry is free for children under the age of 18.

how to get there

The museum can be reached by metro (line 2 to Pozzuoli station) or by bus (SEPSA line 1 to Monte di Pocida-Napoli Via Terracciano). The archaeological site in Baia can be reached by taking the EAVBUS line to the Lucrino-Piazzetta stop.
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