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Heraklion: CRETAquarium Admission Ticket

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Spend the day exploring the magnificent diversity of Mediterranean sea life. See more than 2,000 aquatic creatures ranging from sharks to jellyfish to sea turtles — and much more. Survey the underwater landscapes of some of Crete’s most biodiverse areas.
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Guided Tours

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Knossos Palace - Archaeological Museum -Heraklion Town

Explore magical sight you know from Greek legends and discover the secrets of Minoan civilization. Visit legendary labyrinth-palace home to Minos, son of Zeus.Knossos palace was built using all the architectural innovations available. It has hundreds of rooms storage areas, specialized workshops and spacious courts hosting ceremonies and feasts.Knossos Palace is considered the 8th world wonder and it’s well deserved.It is one of the most important artefacts of Minoan civilization. It was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake. However, the reconstruction in 20th century allows us to see now how it looked in its best days.*By request we can also stop at the biggest aquarium in Greece- "Cretaquarium". More than 250 kinds of fish and animals live here. And the best part of it is that they are being held under conditions that are extremely close to their natural habitat, hense very comfortable.


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Heraklion Market City Tour & Cretaquarium!

A Tour for anyone who wants to live like a native inhabitant of Heraklion for a day and learn small secrets of the city! A unique tour for those who want to experience the island’s everyday life!We start with a small sightseeing Tour in Heraklion and additionally we will have almost 2 Hours of free time to enjoy the City. Then we will visit the famous open-air Saturday market, where dozens of peddlers offer their merchandise at very good prices. Finally, a unique chance to visit the famous Cretaquarium.
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Saturday noisy market, Heraklion and Cretaquarium

This tour will give us a possibility to visit the most interesting historical monuments of Heraklion, noisy Saturday flea market with many aromatic herbs, different goods and souvenirs. We will have a lot of time for shopping there. Afterwords we are going to visit the biggest Aquarium in Greece - Cretaquarium.
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Thematic park Labyrinth and Cretaquarium - Family Tour

In the huge list of various places for families with children, the Thematic park "Labyrinth " plays a special role.We offer a “trip to the past” for the whole family. Take a walk among the green hills around the territory of an entertainment center spread out on a plot of 1,300sq.m with a lot of interactive activities:• Labyrinth.• Crete Maze.• Mini golf.• Horse riding.• Miniature farm.• Miniature village.• Miniature circuit Quads or jeeps!• " Escape Atlantis" electronic "on-line" game.• Archery Experience.• Pottery workshop: do-it-yourself product on a potter's wheel.• Ecological garden: aromatic herbs of Crete, a vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables and 40 fruit trees, with name tags in different languages.• Laser Maze - Trojan horse: an interactive attraction using lasers, fog effects and a unique design!Afterwards, visit the Cretaquarium, a place where people of all ages enjoy watching the Mediterranean sea life!
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Day for children! Cretaquarium, Dinosaur Park, Labyrinth Park and Pottery class

We have something exciting for the little travellers! First, we’ll visit the biggest aquarium in Greece- "Cretaquarium". Amazing luminous jellyfish, sharks, squids and many more you couldn’t have even thought about!Next - Dinosaur Park! It will be interesting for children of all ages. Here you’ll find a museum with full-size skeletons. And a huge park where moving and growling dinosaurs await at every corner! Now try to escape Minotaur Labyrinth in time and get a prize! Don’t worry, the beast is already captured and won’t get to you!Here you can as well get horseback riding lessons, try shooting a bow and pottery. For the youngest children there’s a mini-farm and organic garden with Cretan herbs.After such an exciting day, it’s time to relax a little and make sure you get something as a souvenir to bring home. For that matter we’ll visit pottery class where children will be able to try working a throwing-wheel and create their own masterpiece.
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