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Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus (or Circo Massimo) was one of the iconic structures of Imperial Rome. Along with the Colosseum, the stadium, used mainly for chariot-racing, was one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the city’s residents and in its heyday the stadium could hold over 250,000 spectators! Over the years the structures of the Circus Maximus have degraded substantially, but it’s definitely still worth a visit.
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Guided Tours

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Rome: Private Caracalla Baths & Circus Maximus Tour for Kids

Join this great family tour to explore the Caracalla Baths and Circus Maximus. Discover what the ancient Romans did in their free time. Your child-friendly guide will take you to see the largest entertainment venue of the Roman Empire.
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Rome: Caracalla, Colosseum, Circus Maximus Private Tour

Visit some of the most important archaeological sites in Rome: the Colosseum, Circus Maximus and Caracalla. Enjoy a private guided tour designed just for you
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90 Minutes Kickstart Tour With a Local

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First time in Rome and want to know where to go? Or just not enough time for a full tour? Let a local introduce you to all the best Rome has to offer! Wander past the charming Trastevere, visit the Jewish Quarter, authentic and historical Roman streets and finish your private tour at the beautiful local market of Campo de Fiori. Along the route, you can ask all your questions to help you and your friends get the best out of your holiday in Rome. Really, you can ask anything! After all, it’s the locals who know best!Looking for the best local restaurant unknown to tourists? Or do you want to know which districts are genuinely up-and-coming and worth a visit? And what about the best time to go to the Colosseum - that’s definitely some useful information to have when in Rome! With a local, you can get to know all this, plus many other unique insights about history, food, culture, and the must-dos or must-avoids.
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Circus Maximus Caracalla Bath and Aventine Hill Tour in Rome

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Meet your guide for this 3 hour small group tour and walk through the Bath of Caracalla, the second largest thermal bath of Rome.  Next is Maximus Circus, the famous stadium where the ancient chariot races took place.  Then, onward to the seven hills of Rome, Aventine Hill.
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Rome: Colosseum, Forum & Palatino Fast Track Tour

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See the main monuments of the Roman Empire on a 3-hour skip-the-line tour of the Colosseum, Imperial Forum and Circus Maximus. Follow in the footsteps of gladiators and Roman emperors, and enjoy panoramic views from Palatine Hill.
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Mithraeum of Circus Maximus - Underground Rome

A large structure of the second century was discovered in good state of conservation and with a special and accurate decoration in marble. This structure changed several times and turned into a Mithraeum during the third century. The Mythraeum is a place used during the rituals of the mystery god Mithra.During ancient times, the current entrance was the secondary one, while the main one was in correspondence of Circus Maximus. The first room on the right was intended to be an apparitorium, a sort of sacristy, while the second room appears to be a typical element of the Mithraeum: the pulpit, made of masonry, where the initiates sat during the functions and the ceremony of the sacred banquet. This sort of counter reappears in the last and most important compartment, the sacred place itself, the spelaeum, the cave in which the meeting with the god happened, through various degrees of purification.*PLEASE TAKE NOTE that all our tours are on a private basis for your party

General Information

Opening Hours:

The Circus Maximus is a public area which is always open to visitors free of charge.


Via del Circo Massimo
00153 Rome

How to get there:

The Circus Maximus can be reached by Metro line B to the Circo Massimo stop, or bus numbers 81, 118, 75, 160, N2, or N10.
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