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For history and art lovers, Krakow offers the perfect program for a first-class cultural vacation, but outdoor fans and active vacationers will also get their money's worth in the picturesque city in southern Poland. There is no shortage of opportunities for activities in Krakow and the surrounding area, which is why we want to give you a starting point for planning your city trip with this selection.
Maurizio MassaroBy Maurizio Massaro

10 different things to do in Krakow

Variety guaranteed: Ideas for things to do in Krakow
Museum Oskar Schindlers Emaillewarenfabrik | Flickr: Dennis Jarvis CC-BY 2.0

Visit Schindler's factory

The story of industrialist Oskar Schindler, who saved thousands of Jews from certain death during the Nazi era, achieved particular notoriety through the Hollywood film adaptation in Schindler's List. While original filming locations are also on view, the tour of the museum turned Schindler's Factory extends further than just the cinematic adaptation, however, offering a comprehensive contemporary historical look at the period of German occupation of Krakow.
Salt Mine Wieliczka | Flickr: Mihai Lucîț CC-BY 2.0

Wandering in the footsteps of salt mining through magical worlds

Trips from Krakow to the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine are among the most popular and exciting activities for guests. The underground world with lakes and chapels carved in stone is an absolute must-see! Pleasant and healthy side effect: Breathe deeply in the low-pollutant and low-allergen air underground, which is even used for healing purposes.
Hiking in the High Tatras | Flickr: Raini Svensson Public Domain

Fun outdoor activities

Outdoor lovers get their money's worth on vacation in Krakow as well as friends of fun sports. The immediate vicinity of the city is ideal for hikes, paintball, trampolining, axe throwing and much more offer variety even within the city limits.
Outdoor & Activities
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Wawel Cathedral

Visit the Wawel Cathedral

Built in the 14th century after earlier cathedrals on the site were destroyed, the cathedral, located on the grounds of Wawel Castle, is Poland's national shrine and the final resting place of bishops and kings. The mighty structure, redesigned in the 18th century in the Baroque style, can be explored on a guided tour that presents facts and figures.
Wawel Cathedral
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Rent a bike in Krakau | Flickr: Tulio Bertorini CC-BY 2.0

Take a bike tour of Krakow

You can explore the city on two wheels as part of guided bike tours past all the important historical points of the old town, or set off on your own with a rental bike. As a quiet, smaller city, Krakow is easily navigable for bike tourists and offers many interesting routes into the surrounding countryside.
Bike Tours
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MOCAK Krakau | Flickr: Fred Romero CC-BY 2.0

Experience the diversity of Krakow's museums

The city on the Vistula is full of art and history: from the countless sections of the Municipal Muzeum Krakowa, which covers the history of the city from the settlement of the Lesser Poland region to real socialism and the Solidarność movement, all periods of the city's history are covered. In addition, the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK in particular stands out with a variety of changing exhibitions.
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MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
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Placki ziemniaczane | Flickr: Rusty Clarke CC-BY 2.0

Taste local specialties

Beyond vodka, pierogi and kielbasa, Krakow also has other delicacies to offer: from local craft beer to Oscypek cheese and potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane), the south of Poland has some culinary highlights to offer, which can be sampled as part of a food tour. Regional and seasonal produce can be purchased from Monday to Saturday at the weekly market of the Unitarg Hala Targowa. On Sundays, it's worth visiting here for a flea market stroll through vintage treasures and antiques.
Food Experiences
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Boat tours in Krakow | Flickr: John Seb Barber CC-BY 2.0

Relax during a cruise on the Vistula River

On a catamaran or boat sailing along the river? In 90 minutes to the Benedictine Abbey Tyniec you can follow the picturesque course of the water in the city. Various offers also include boat tours with wooden gondolas, or exclusive excursions by catamaran and boat parties.
Cruises & Water Tours
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Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Make a day trip to the concentration camp memorial Auschwitz

Serious, but instructive and important: Not far from Krakow is the former Nazi concentration camp that has become synonymous worldwide with systematic murder and tyranny, and which today, as the Museum and Memorial Auschwitz-Birkenau, is a reminder not to let anything similar happen again in the world.
Sukiennice / cloth halls | Flickr: Jorge Láscar CC-BY 2.0

Explore the main market of Krakow

The Historical City Museum of Krakow with archaeological excavations of medieval buildings is located directly under the Main Market Square (Rynek Główny). A visit to this underground attraction can be ideally combined with a tour of the Cloth Halls located above ground in the center of the square. The Art Nouveau interior of the ensemble was created in the course of a reconstruction in the 19th century.
Rynek Underground
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Included in the Krakow Tourist Card: the use of public transport in Krakow | Flickr: FaceMePLS: CC-BY 2.0

Saving Money with the Krakow Card

A City Pass for things to do in KrakowWant to do as much as possible in Krakow at the best price and save on entrance to museums and use of public transport? The Krakow Tourist Card combines the ticket for 38 attractions, including the Schindler Factory and transfers to the Wieliczka Salt Mine in one City Pass.

While the Tourist Card is available for 1,2 or 3 days, the Museums & Attractions Pass can only be purchased for 3 days. The difference is that the Tourist Card includes unlimited use of Krakow's public transportation during the validity period. The Museums & Attractions Pass is cheaper, but includes only admission to 38 museums and attractions and discounts at various restaurants and stores
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5 top attractions in Krakow you must see

A selection of the best sights in Krakow from TicketLens
Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle/Wawel Cathedral

The impressive ceremonial halls and chambers of Wawel Castle can be visited during guided tours, and the associated magnificent cathedral is also worth a visit.
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Krakow's Barbakan | Flickr: David Berkowitz CC BY 2.0


The Barbakan in Krakow is a medieval defensive structure located in front of the city wall, the largest preserved of its kind in Europe. For visitors, there is a daily magical performance with projections offered in various languages, guided tours must be booked in advance.
Old Synagogue

Old Synagogue (Synagoga Stara)

Would you like to learn more about Jewish religion and culture? In the former prayer rooms of the Stara Synagoga, there is a large exhibition of Judaica from ceremonial and private spaces. An audioguide for the museum is also offered in German, among other languages.
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Rynek Underground

Museum under the Main Market

The Museum under the Main Market is an impressive museum located several meters below the Rynek Główny, the main square of Krakow's Old Town, showing the remains of the medieval Krakow built over with everyday objects, jewelry, and arrowheads. The archaeological site offers a historical cross-section through the traces of the city's identity.
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Museum Oskar Schindler's Enamelware Factory | Flickr: Jorge Láscar CC-BY 2.0

Oskar Schindler's Factory

When selecting the best sights in Krakow, the museum in Oskar Schindler's Factory should not be missed: the exhibition does not focus too much on Steven Spielberg's Hollywood film Schindler's List , but it shows in a poignant way a historical overview of life in Krakow under German occupation from 1939-1945 and the systematic disenfranchisement of the city's Jewish citizens until the mass murder.

4 Attractions in Krakow off the beaten path

We have collected here sights and museums in Krakow that are visited less frequently but are no less spectacular. Among them are also particularly 2 family-friendly places.
Galicia Jewish Museum

Galician Jewish Museum

If you are deeply interested in the over 800-year-old history of Jewish life in Poland, the Galician Jewish Museum permanent exhibition Traces of Memory, created by photographer Chris Schwarz, displays photographs depicting traces of Judaism in Krakow and Galicia. The ticket for the museum is already included in the package of the Krakow City Card!
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Folk Costume in the Ethnographic Museum of Krakow | Flickr: Ofer Deshe CC-BY 2.0

Ethnographic Museum - Muzeum Etnograficzne

In the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, the focus is on the rural culture of Poland's past. Cultural artifacts and artistic objects provide an insight into the life of days long gone.

Stanislaw-Lem-Science Garden

A particularly interesting attraction for children and families: In the Stanislaw Lem Science Garden, it's all about natural phenomena and the underlying laws of physics. To prevent boredom, these are clearly illustrated through hands-on installations, play, and learning. Fun for knowledge seekers and explorers!
Pinball Museum Krakow | Flickr: Surreal Name Given CC-BY 2.0

Pinball Museum

To get a real arcade feeling, you can play with over 80 pinball and slot machines from all eras since the 1950s at the Pinball Museum in Krakow. For those who have had enough of all the history and art and just want to switch off, a visit to the Pinball Museum is a real insider tip.
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