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Bunker GO-42

Bunker 42 was built 213 feet (65m) beneath the ground during the 1950s and was equipped with everything the inhabitants would need to survive a nuclear attack on Moscow, but today it’s the home of one of the most popular tours in the city, plus a museum dedicated to the Cold War. Descend into the depths of the bunker to learn about life in the Soviet Union and to experience a simulated air raid.
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Guided Tours

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Moscow: Bunker-42 Tour and Cold War Museum

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Discover Moscow's secret Bunker-42 with skip-the-line access. Visit the Cold War Museum and feel the tense atmosphere of the Cold War era.
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Guided Visit of Bunker 42 (Cold War Museum)

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Discover the most secret and secure Bunker of the USSR, Bunker 42, also known as the Cold War Museum. This former military communication center is now a museum. Explore this labyrinth of the Cold War where the atmosphere has not changed.
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Moscow Metro and Bunker 42 Private Tour

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Learn the history of the Moscow Metro and visit 5 of the most beautiful stations with a private guide. Then, visit the Bunker 42 facility, and learn about the Cold War at a unique museum.
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Tour Bunker 42

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Discover the secrets of the Soviet Union era, stirring stories from the depths of the KGB offices - classified objects are still hidden at a depth of 65 meters in the center of Moscow, in the Bunker 42.
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General Information

Opening Hours:

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. English language Cold War tours depart daily at 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm, and 5.30 pm. On Mondays, the 5.30 pm tour is replaced by the Bunker Secrets tour. A ‘Declassified’ tour also departs at 6.30 pm. The Cold War tour is also available in Spanish on Tuesdays at 5.30 pm.


Bunker 42
5th Kotelnicheski Lane 11
115172 Moscow


Tickets for the Cold War tour cost RUB2200 for adults and RUB1300 for students, the Declassified tour costs RUB1800 for adults and RUB1000 for students, and the Bunker Secrets tour costs RUB2800 for all participants, up to a maximum of 15 participants.

How to get there:

Bunker 42 is a short walk from Taganskaya Station, which is served by the Koltsevaya line (line 5) of the Moscow metro. Look for a green gate decorated with a red star and you’ll have found the entrance.
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