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Safari World

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Thailand’s most popular open zoo and leisure park offers a range of activities for the whole family. Drive through the Safari Park in your own car or in one of the park’s coaches, before exploring the Marine Park, enjoying the range of shows on offer, or getting close to the animals in a feeding experience.
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Some experiences and attractions are seasonal and might close temporarily.

4 tips for visiting the Safari World

Safari World Bangkok | Flickr: Mike Wheatley CC BY 2.0
The Safari Park alone takes between half an hour and 45 minutes to drive through, and on very hot days many of the animals might be hiding in the shade to stay cool. On those days, it’s worth having tickets to both the safari and Marine Park.
Safari World Bangkok | Flickr: Adeel Anwer CC BY 2.0
If you have a car in Bangkok then consider bringing it for the day. You’ll be able to tour the Safari Park on your own schedule rather than relying on the bus, and there’s free parking available for the duration of the rest of your visit.
Please don’t bring your own food and drinks into the park. There are restaurants and food stalls available in areas where they won’t tempt any animals.
Check the showtimes before setting off on the safari - some shows only run once a day, so you should plan ahead so you don’t miss anything! If you want to see all the different shows on offer then you’ll have to arrive before 10 am to catch the earlier ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safari World?

Safari World is a complex that combines two animal attractions: Safari Park and Marine Park. With a drive-through safari experience featuring dozens of different species, plus a water ride, exhibitions featuring animals from around the world, and shows with trained animals and stuntmen, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy. Read more.

What’s the difference between Safari Park and Marine Park?

The Safari Park and Marine Park are separate attractions. The Safari Park is what its name suggests: an area with several different animals that you can explore in a car. Tickets which only cover the Safari Park don’t include access to the park’s own coaches, so you have to have your own vehicle or book a seat on the coach, which also includes a guided tour. The Marine Park contains the other areas, including aviaries, tanks for marine mammals and fish, and areas for shows. If you don’t have a car and would rather just see the shows, then you can buy a ticket for the Marine Park alone. Read more.

Which shows are available in the park?

There are several different shows taking place throughout the day, some of which don’t involve animals at all. The most popular shows are the dolphin and sea lion shows, and there’s also a bird show and a show featuring orangutans. You’ll also be impressed by two stunt shows: the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show and the Spy War show. Be aware that the Spy War show includes extremely loud noises and flashing lights, so it might not be suitable for everyone. Arrive a little bit early for the shows as the seating areas tend to fill up quickly. Read more.

Can we feed the animals?

Some of the animals can be fed under the supervision of their keepers. You’ll have to pay for the food and make sure to follow the instructions given by the keepers so you don’t confuse or aggravate any of the creatures involved. Read more.

Are there dining options on-site?

There are two buffet restaurants, two fast-food restaurants, and a number of food and ice cream stalls throughout the park so you definitely won’t go hungry. Some ticket packages include access to one of the buffet restaurants, which serve a combination of Thai and international cuisines. Read more.

General information

opening hours

Safari World is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.


Tickets for the Safari Park only cost THB1000 for adults and THB900 for children. Tickets for the Marine Park alone cost THB1300 for adults and THB1100 for children. Combined tickets cost THB1500 for adults and THB1400 for children. There are discounted tickets available for residents and citizens of Thailand.


Safari World
99 Thanon Panya Intra
Sam Wa Tawan Tok
Khlong Sam Wa
Bangkok 10510

how to get there

Car parking is available free of charge, with a free shuttle bus running between Car Park 2 and the Marine Park. It takes about two hours to get to Safari World from the center of Bangkok by public transport. Take the Bangkok Mass Transit System (or BTS) to either Mo Chit or Chatuchak Park stations, change to either the 26 or 96 bus and head to Fashion Island Mall. Then change to the 197 bus and ride to the dedicated Safari World bus stop.


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