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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain holds the world record for the most roller coasters in an amusement park - it has 19 in total, plus more than 20 other rides and attractions! The park gets extremely crowded during the summer vacations and on weekends, so check ticket availability and book ahead to save time and money!
There are currently no available offers.
Some experiences and attractions are seasonal and might close temporarily.

6 Tips for Visiting the Six Flags Magic Mountain

Twisted Colossus | Photo: Flickr, Beyond Neon - CC-BY 2.0
If you can, download the Six Flags app! It works in all Six Flags parks and offers interactive maps, restaurant menus, live wait times for rides, and you can also buy entry tickets, parking tickets, and order food from your phone. Make sure to bring a portable cell phone charger with you if you intend to use the app all day!
Goliath | Photo: Flickr, Christian Haugen - CC-BY 2.0
If you’re visiting during peak times (during school vacations or at weekends in summer) consider buying a Flash Pass. Ride lines can be up to 4 hours long on crowded days, but you’ll be able to skip to the front of a line with a pass.
The park has strict rules about food and drink - guests aren’t allowed to bring outside food or drink except for medical purposes, so you’ll probably need to budget for food inside the park. You can bring an empty water bottle and keep it filled at the water fountains throughout the day. Alternatively, there are soft drink refill packages available to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
Make sure you plan for the weather! California is usually warm, sunny, and dry, so make sure you bring sunscreen, hats, and keep hydrated. On rainy or stormy days some rides may close temporarily but will reopen as soon as possible once the bad weather has passed.
Pay attention to the loose articles policies on rides - sometimes you can leave small items on the side before riding, at other times you need to spend $1 on a locker (for example, before riding X²).
A parent swap program is available for visitors who have children too young to ride with them. The whole family should enter the line and once you get to the front you should tell the ride attendant that you want to Parent Swap. One adult will wait with the children too small to ride and can then switch with the other parent once their ride has finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

There are so many different kinds of rides available, it’s difficult to pick a favorite! Some rides you shouldn’t miss include Superman: Escape from Krypton, which was the first roller coaster to reach 100mph (160kmph), Tatsu, which features the world’s largest pretzel loop, and Twisted Colossus, which is the world’s longest racing coaster. Roller coaster enthusiasts would also say that is among the world’s best rides. It was the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster, where the seats of the coaster change their pitch independently of the main chassis. It’s definitely a unique ride, and often has the longest queues. Other awesome rides (which are roller coasters) include CraZanity, the tallest pendulum ride in the world, and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, a free fall drop ride where riders fall 400 feet (122m) and reach speeds of 85mph (137kmph). Read more.

What age group is the amusement park designed for?

Although there are 14 rides and attractions for younger children, the majority of the rides are described as being ‘for thrill seekers’ and have taller height restrictions. There’s more to do for older guests, and the DC superhero and Looney Tunes branding might not be as appealing for all small children - for children under 4 you might be better off at Disneyland or Universal Studios, which dedicate more time to attractions and themes the whole family can enjoy together. Six Flags Magic Mountain is famous for having the most roller coasters in the world and is something of a pilgrimage site for roller coaster fans from around the world - most of whom are adults. That being said, kids will enjoy gentler rides like Daffy’s Adventure Tours or the Grand American Carousel, they can explore the Looney Tunes Lodge, or meet Bugs Bunny and his friends at a Meet & Greet. Read more.

Are there shows or other events?

At the moment there aren’t any shows in the park, but you can meet characters from DC’s Justice League (including Superman, Wonderwoman, and Batman) and Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang. Read more.

How long should I plan to spend at the park?

There are over 40 rides in the park, so it’ll take you a whole day to get through most of them! On busy days it might be impossible to try everything out, but if you plan your route through the park in advance and decide to invest in a Flash Pass then you should be able to try most of the rides available. Read more.

General Information

Opening Hours:

In general, Six Flags Magic Mountain is open from 10.30 am to 6 pm daily. On some days the park opens earlier and closes later, please check the exact opening times before the date of your visit.


Tickets bought on the door cost $89.99 for general admission and $59.99 for children under 48” (121cm) tall. Children aged 2 and under can enter free of charge.


Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
CA 91355

How to get there:

The easiest way to reach Six Flags Magic Mountain is to drive, a car park is available which costs from $25 for a whole day. It’s possible to arrive via public transport by taking the Metro Red line to North Hollywood station, changing to the Hollywood 757 Express bus to McBean Regional Transit Station, and then taking either route 3 or 7 of the Santa Clarita Transit buses directly to the park.
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