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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain: One-Day Ticket
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Los Angeles: All-Inclusive Pass including Universal Studios
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7 tips for visiting the Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags App | Photo: Google Play Store, Six Flags - CC-BY 2.0
More options with the appIf you can, download the Six Flags app! It works in all Six Flags parks and offers interactive maps, restaurant menus, live wait times for rides, and you can also buy entry tickets, parking tickets, and order food from your phone. Make sure to bring a portable cell phone charger with you if you intend to use the app all day!
Goliath | Photo: Flickr, Christian Haugen - CC-BY 2.0
Get around queuingGetting THE FLASH Pass makes just perfect sense. It is available in three different options and differs in the waiting time; thereby you also don't have to queue because that happens virtually! With the Regular Pass only the queuing is omitted, Gold cuts the waiting time in half and with Platinum one has the advantages of gold and can additionally ride the used attraction a second time without waiting. Note that certain attractions (see below) are not included.
Save with the Dining DealIt is not permitted to bring food purchased outside this amusement park. Exceptions are made for baby food and guests with special dietary only. Therefore, it is a great choice to get a One-Day Dining Deal in addition to the entry ticket. In this a meal a snack as well as beverage are included and costs around $24.
Protect yourself adequate depending on the weather conditionsMake sure you plan for the weather! California is usually warm, sunny, and dry, so make sure you bring sunscreen, hats, and keep hydrated. On rainy or stormy days some rides may close temporarily but will reopen as soon as possible once the bad weather has passed.
Get yourself a lockerSince you are exposed to strong G-forces on most rides you are not allowed to take loose personal items on these rides with you. At times these may be deposited free of charge but some charge $1 per locker. Therefore, it is a good idea to rent a locker from the beginning on; these are available for a fee and come in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large - different rental prices) and are available at the Guest Relations booth.
Watch out parents!A parent swap program is available for visitors who have children too young to ride with them. The whole family should enter the line and once you get to the front you should tell the ride attendant that you want to Parent Swap. One adult will wait with the children too small to ride and can then switch with the other parent once their ride has finished.
Don't forget your debit cardSix Flags Magic Mountain has switched to cashless payment only for the entire site - only card payments are accepted in restaurants, stores, games as well as ticket booths and at ticket machines for park tickets. Therefore, no cash machines can be found any longer on this site.
Ready for the roller coaster thrill? | Photo: Unsplash, Gabriel Valdez - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

A paradise for roller coaster addicts

Six Flags Magic Mountain is breaking some records with its attractions - it's getting higher, faster and steeper! This includes the roller coasters Wonder Woman Flight of Courage and , which opened in 2022 and give you even more airtime. Covering an area of 260 acres, this park fits the most roller coasters in the world. Undisputedly it is among the most visited amusement parks in North America.

Save the world

Immerse yourself in the science fiction world and save the future with Apocalypse! First you will enter a bunker, where the mission will be explained on monitors further to you, then your action-packed thrill ride will start. You'll be zooming down the 2848 ft long wooden roller coaster and try escaping explosive wrecks - inclines and fast turns included!

Goldrush Fever

Go on a gold nugget hunt with the Gold Rusher and experience the first roller coaster of Six Flags Magic Mountain, which opened in 1971. Along the 2589 feet long track, you'll explore the bleak landscape and experience some fast-paced twists and turns.
CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain | Flickr: Flickr, Jeremy Thompson - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hideously zippy

Take a seat on the highest pendulum of the world: CraZanity. You'll be rocked back and forth on seats that arranged in a ring - get a breathtaking view at a height of 171 feet. But don't get fooled, because the pendulum can reach a speed of up to 75 mph!
Full Throttle roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain | Flickr: Flickr, Jeremy Thompson - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Not for the faint-hearted

You've never experienced anything like this - the highest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world: Full Throttle. This attraction offers you unpredictable riding fun and comes with three separate acceleration platforms which catapult you to a top speed of 70 mph within seconds. You won't experience the 161-feet-long loop only once. Finally, you'll hang along the roller coaster for a few seconds, from where you can enjoy the view.

Modernity meets the past

Challenge the world's longest and most innovative hybrid roller coaster Twisted Colossus. This ride fuses technology with tradition: on the old Woodie roller coaster which was made entirely out of wood modern tracks got added - now spirals and rolls are also possible.

4501 feet of horror

Experience the longest and fastest fall in the world with the Goliath roller coaster. As soon as you reach the hill, you will realize that there is no way back - 4501 feet of track await you on this hypercoaster ride. From a height of 256 feet, you'll hurtle towards the earth without slowing down, reaching speeds of up to 53 mph. Note: The Flash Pass is not applicable here.

The ultimate drop

Do you dare to sit 400 feet above the ground? Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom features the highest and fastest drop tower in the world. After passing through the Lexcorp headquarters, you'll take a seat on the single-row girder that will lift you 40 stories into the air. While you are being pulled up, you can watch the Superman cars that are mounted on the same tower. Enjoy the 90-second view while you can, because the free fall comes without warning and a speed of 85 mph.

Free like a bird

Pure thrills - that's what Dive Devil promises and where adrenaline junkies get their money's worth. Here you can experience the extreme sports of skydiving, bungee jumping and hang gliding all at once. You will be pulled 15 stories up with a steel rope, then experience a free fall where 37 mph await you. As soon as the bungee rope catches you, you will be flung over the heads of the visitors. If you don't want to experience this unique attraction alone, you can also try it out in pairs and at most in threes. Note: Flash Pass is not applicable for this ride.
Viper roller coaster at Six Flags | Flickr: Flickr, nl_photography- CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

The looping miracle

Viper lets the heart of looping fans beat faster! With 70 mph and a maximum height of 14 floors, you will experience seven crazy loops. It will soon turn out that this is one of the highest and fastest looping roller coasters in the world.
BATMAN The Ride roller coaster at Six Flags | Flickr: Unsplash, Michael Wallace - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Step into action with Batman

The maximum thrill awaits you on BATMAN The Ride. The shady streets of Gotham City will lead you to the Batcave, where you will be prepared for your adventure: Your journey begins at a height of approximately ten feet and ends after a breathtaking 2697 feet. On this ride, you'll experience a 360-degree looping and countless twists and turns.

Black belt of roller coasters

Prove that you can rise to the challenge of tackling the master of all roller coasters called Ninja. On this ride the carriages run under the track and swing left and right along the 2700-feet track which and distinguish is from others. Note: The Flash Pass does not apply to this attraction.

Be the hero

This roller coaster can't score with length, but with SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton you'll reach top speeds of 99 mph within seven seconds. Escape Superman's icy fortress - catch the fast, backwards driving car and you're off to the top. Note: Flash Pass is not applicable here

Feel the forces

Over 1000 m of track goes 13 floors up - WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage is the highest and longest monorail roller coaster in the world. In single file passengers reach the speed and get to feel the strength of Wonder Woman.

A true classicer

For its 40th anniversaey the roller coaster The New Revolution - Classic reopened and comes in the colors red, white and blue, impressing with its special effects too. You must try this long-established classic!
West Coast Racers roller coaster at Six Flags | Flickr: Flickr, Jeremy Thompson - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

The ultimate race

Take the opportunity to try the world's first single track racing roller coaster with West Coast Racers. Its special feature: two tracks run parallel, allowing a duel between the two carriages. There's no shortage of speed either, four speed platforms will easily get you up to 55 mph.
X² roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain | Flickr: Unsplash, Jeremy Thompson - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Pure rollercoaster fun

Ride with beyond the roller coaster track! On this ride, the carriages are mounted on the extending arms. With 360 degree rotations and powerful music you will get closer to your adrenaline kick. Of course, X² can also show off so-called “rave turns” these loops have a sudden shift in direction.

Horizontal altitude flight

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a dragon? The special couchette carriages of the Tatsu roller coaster allow you to experience it. With a speed of up to 62 mph you are close to touching the ground.
Road Runner Express at Six Flags | Photo: Flickr, anjanettew - CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

More than action

At Six Flags Magic Mountain even the smallest guests don't get miss out on. This amusement park offers in addition to breathtaking roller coasters a number of rides, games and attractions. The top 5 family-friendly rides are presented here.

Sail like a pirate

Arr - come on board and rock yourself into zero gravity with the Buccaneer. The ship is rocked up and down with up to 21 mph until it is virtually vertical. You'll have to rely completely on your pirate skills, as you'll be swung back and forth alternately in viewing direction as well as with your back turned. Remember - true pirates don't scream!

On the run

Take sides with Sylvester and try to escape Tweety with the Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce. On this 20 ft high free fall tower Tweety is waiting for you to hit Sylvester on the head. But Sylvester doesn't take that easily and jumps up and down.

Watch out - Here comes the train

At Whistelstop Park, you can explore the small outdoor train station with its Whistlestop Train or get on a little adventure with the Magic Flyer. This green locomotive takes even the youngest guests on a hill with a hight of 10 ft.

A wild ride

With the Road Runner Express you will drive up and down between barren landscape with cactuses. This roller coaster is very family-friendly and still has some serpentines and curves up its sleeve on a 679 feet long track!

Wet, wetter, you

Watch out, because at Jet Stream you will get wet! First a boat will take you along the winding water channel until you reach the waterfall, there a six-story drop awaits you and ends with a big splash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Six Flags theme park barrier free accessible?

The park is extensively barrier-free. Much effort is made to make Six Flags accessible to all so that even people with physical disabilities can enjoy the fun. Six Flags even goes so far as to be a certified autism center as of spring 2023. Strollers, wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs can be borrowed at Six Flags Plaza for an additional fee. To gain access to the park, guests with cognitive impairments or physical disabilities must register online once to receive an Attractions Access Pass. Read more.

Are there any parking facilities?

The park offers paid parking at a cost of $40 per day. Read more.

Does there any restriction apply regarding hight to be able to attend a ride?

Most action-packed attractions require a minimum height of 4 feet, but sometimes this may be as high as 4,5 feet. Read more.

Are you allowed to take food inside the park?

It is prohibitted to take food purchased outside of the premises along. Exceptions are made for baby food and guests with special dietary only. The food brought to the park must fit into two 7 x 8 inch (18 x 20 cm) sealable bags, it is not allowed to bring drinks. Read more.

Are there food options at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Inside the park there are several restaurants such as Ace O' Clubs and Carlini's Pizzeria. They offer a variety of dishes and snacks, ensuring that even the little ones have plenty of options. Everything from burgers and sandwiches to pizza is available, healthier alternatives like salads are also on the menu. Smaller stands offering ice cream, popcorn and various drinks can be found scattered throughout the site. Read more.

Are bags and backpacks allowed inside the park?

It is allowed to take bags as well as backpacks inside. On rapid rides like Scream!, THE RIDDLER's Revenge, and Goliath, loose items such as cell phones, caps, wallets and backpacks are prohibited, therefore it is advisable to rent a locker. Read more.

What happens to the ticket in case of adverse weather?

Since Six Flags Magic Mountain does not close during inclement weather tickets are non-refundable. Some rides may be temporarily closed, but reopen once safety can be assured. Read more.

Are Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets refundable?

No refunds will be given for tickets, neither on site nor online. Read more.

Are dogs allowed to enter the site of Six Flags ?

No, animals are not allowed in the park. An exception is made for certified service dogs only. Read more.

Am I allowed to take pictures and videos on the park area?

Photos and videos may generally be taken at Six Flags Magic Mountain for personal purposes; however, cell phones, mobile devices, cameras, action cameras and drones may not be used on any of the attractions - without exception. Selfie sticks and tripods may not be taken into the park. Read more.

General information

opening hours

Six Flags Magic Mountain is not open all year round. During the months of November and December the theme park is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Exceptions are made for Thanksgiving and the weeks before and after Christmas.


Entry passes for Six Flags Magic Mountain are available at the gate for each guest at $65. An online advance purchase offers these passes at a reduced rate.


Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
CA 91355


Children under the age of 2 can visit the theme park free of charge. For first responders, military employees as well as their family members special offers are available and must be applied online for.

how to get there

The easiest way to reach Six Flags Magic Mountain is to drive, a car park is available which costs from $25 for a whole day. It’s possible to arrive via public transport by taking the Metro Red line to North Hollywood station, changing to the Hollywood 757 Express bus to McBean Regional Transit Station, and then taking either route 3 or 7 of the Santa Clarita Transit buses directly to the park.
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