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Tokyo DisneySea

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Visit Tokyo DisneySea, the most unique Disney park in the world! With its nautical theme, and centered on an impressive artificial lake and volcano, there are 7 themed areas to explore. Complete with thrilling rides, epic shows, and the chance to meet your favorite Disney characters, visitors of all ages will have a great time at Tokyo DisneySea! Book tickets in advance to save time waiting in lines on the day of your visit.
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Some experiences and attractions are seasonal and might close temporarily.

6 tips for visiting the Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea
Make sure that you plan your day to make the most of your time! Pick up a map and a list of the daily entertainment schedule when you arrive. That way you can see which shows you’d like to see and which rides are close to each other. Thrillseekers should aim to ride the more intense rides early in the day as lines for these get longer as the day goes by.
Tokyo DisneySea
Mickey and Minnie Mouse can be found around the park, but you’re more likely to meet Duffy, ShellieMay, and their friends, who are hugely popular characters in Japan. They have their own meet and greet zone on the American Waterfront, plus their own merchandise!
Adults visiting with very young children can still enjoy all of the most adrenaline-inducing rides by taking advantage of the Parent Swap system. Just let the ride attendant know that you’ll be using the system, then they’ll make sure one adult can wait in a safe place with the children too young to ride before switching places and riding themselves without having to wait in line again.
Try the popcorn! Tokyo DisneySea is famous for its funky-flavored popcorn. The flavors available change throughout the year and are fascinating experiments, with past flavors including garlic shrimp, curry, and honey.
Make sure to visit Fortress Exploration! Designed to look like a medieval castle, the attraction is based on the fictional Society of Explorers and Adventurers and features impressive and interactive works of art and scientific artifacts. Enjoy exploring the lush interiors before discovering the views of the park from the battlements!
Some of Tokyo DisneySea’s shows require you to join a lottery for tickets as they’re extremely popular, but there’ll also be a standby line in case people with tickets decide not to use them so don’t worry if you don’t win a spot immediately. Many shows, including Fantasmic! and Disney Light the Night are outdoors and don’t require tickets, but you’ll still want to make sure you’re there early to get a good spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about Tokyo DisneySea?

Tokyo DisneySea is a unique amusement park, with a theme unlike any of the other Disney parks around the world. It has a nautical theme, and the seven areas of the park are described as ‘Ports of Call’. You’ll enter through Mediterranean Harbor, visit a volcano (Mount Prometheus) in Mysterious Island, see the characters from The Little Mermaid in Mermaid Lagoon, see Aladdin and Sinbad on the Arabian Coast, do some exploring in Lost River Delta, uncover marine technology in Port Discovery, and enjoy a day at the beach at the American Waterfront. The theming and decor are second-to-none, and the rides and shows are impressive too! You’ll find a range of rides, from thrill rides like Indiana Jones Adventure and Journey to the Center of the Earth, to gentle rides like the Electric Railway or Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, which are suitable for children of all ages. Read more.

Can I visit Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland in one day?

Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t offer single-day Park Hopper tickets, but it is theoretically possible to buy two single tickets and visit both parks in one day. However, it’s not really recommended that visitors try to cram both parks into a single day, since both parks are large, with lots to do, and they also tend to be very busy so lines for rides and food can be long. You probably won’t be able to see everything, so it’s preferable to either spend a whole day in each park or pick the one which interests you more and save the other for a future trip. Read more.

What are the dining options? Can we bring our own food?

A picnic area is available outside the entrance to the park, guests who wish to leave and return need to have their hand stamped and hang onto their ticket because you’ll need both to get back into the park. Guests with special dietary requirements who need to bring their own food are able to, just let the staff of any restaurant know when your party sits down to eat. There are a total of 39 restaurants, cafés, and food stalls, with a wide range of cuisines and prices to choose from! If you’re interested in interactions with Disney characters, then you’ll want to choose either Cape Cod Cook-Off on the American Waterfront or Horizon Bay Restaurant in Port Discovery. We also particularly recommend that you visit Magellan’s, which is a stunning table-service restaurant in the Mediterranean Harbour area. The food is great, and the interior design is worth a visit all by itself! Read more.

What should we bring with us to Tokyo DisneySea?

You’ll be outside for most of the day so make sure to dress for the weather. Tokyo can be very cold in the winter and extremely hot and humid in summer, so take that into account when picking clothes for the day - bring water and sunscreen in summer, and plenty of layers in winter. Apart from that, you’ll want to bring a phone or a camera to document your day and take photos of the incredibly designed surroundings, plus a portable charger to keep their batteries full throughout the day! Read more.

Can we wear costumes to Tokyo DisneySea?

Children under the age of 12 are welcome to wear costumes to the park! Visitors over the age of 12 are asked not to wear costumes, except during Halloween events, where special guidance will be given. Mouse ears and themed clothing are allowed, but make sure that your mouse ears are safely secured when on the rides! Read more.

General information

opening hours

Tokyo DisneySea is generally open from 9 am to 10 pm, but may open or close earlier depending on the season. It’s advised to check the opening times for the date of your visit before booking. Final admission is one hour before the park closes.


Tokyo Disneyland
1-1 Maihama
Chiba 279-0031


Tickets to visit one park for a single day cost JPY7,400 for adults, JPY6,400 for Juniors, and JPY4,800 for children. A discounted rate of JPY6,700 is available for visitors aged 65 and over.

how to get there

Tokyo Disneyland can be reached by taking the Keiyo or Musashino lines of Japan Railway services to Maihama Station. Free shuttle buses are available for guests of the Disney hotels.
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