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Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree (Tōkyō Sukaitsurī) became the tallest building in Japan when it opened in 2012 and is the second-tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa. Stretching 634 meters (2,080 feet) into the sky, the tower contains two observation decks, one at 350m up and the other at 450m, from which you can see all the way to Mount Fuji during good weather! Lines on the day can get long, so book skip-the-line tickets in advance for the best experience.
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Book tickets for the Tokyo Skytree's oberservation deck in advance!
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Tokyo Skytree Admission Ticket

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Visit the tallest structure in Japan to enjoy views of sprawling Tokyo City from the towering observation decks of TOKYO SKYTREE®. Skip past the lines and go straight up to the 1,150-foot (350-m) Tembo Deck or 1,475-foot (450-m) Tembo Galleria.
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TOKYO SKYTREE® Ticket & TOKYO Solamachi® Coupon Combo

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TOKYO SKYTREE® & Sumida Aquarium Combo Ticket

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TOKYO SKYTREE® Ticket & Cheese Garden Snack Voucher Combo

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More Tickets & Tours

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TOKYO SKYTREE and Tokyo Bay Cruise Afternoon Tour

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This new course departs in the afternoon. Visit TOKYO SKYTREE one of Tokyo’ s most popular sightseeing locations and the world's tallest tower at 634 meters. Head up to the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck situated at 350 meters above ground. Enjoy the view of Tokyo fro the sky and the panorama of the metropolis from Tokyo Bay!
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Tokyo Skytree and Bay Cruise 4 Hour Tour

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See the city's sights from Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo's tallest broadcasting tower. Enjoy a cruise on Tokyo Bay also, to continue the sightseeing tour.
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Tokyo by Bike: Skytree, Kiyosumi Garden and Sumo Stadium

Take this enjoyable Tokyo bike tour and see the highlights of Shitamachi. Your guide will lead you at a leisurely pace as you travel from site to site, from Fukagawa-fudo Temple and Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine to Tokyo Skytree. Keep a lookout for a rare chance to sumo wrestlers outside Ryogoko Sumo Stadium and take in the natural landscapes as you ride through the traditional Kiyosumi Japanese Garden. Enjoy personalized attention on this small-group tour, limited to 12 people.
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Salon de Sweets in SkyTree - Desserts

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Top Tips

1. Did you know that the Tokyo Skytree was named by the general public? A committee for naming the tower collected names, including Tokyo Edo Tower, Rising Tower, Tower of the Future, and Dream Lookout, but Tokyo Skytree was the winner with over 30% of the votes.
Tokyo Skytree observation deck
2. The tower is extremely popular with travelers from within Japan, so if you want a less crowded visit then you should probably avoid weekends and local public holidays. If you’re visiting from outside Japan then you can also use the Fast Ticket Line, though it’s still faster and cheaper to book tickets online.
Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck | Flickr: raneko CC BY 2.0
3. The view of the sunset from the observation decks (either of them) is fantastic. In order to be at the top in time to see it, consider arriving 90 minutes before the sun is scheduled to set in order to have enough time to wait in line, take the elevator, and find a good spot.
4. Make sure to find one of the areas with a glass floor - there are some on each observation deck. You’ll be able to take a really cool photo of your feet hovering high above the ground below, if you dare!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tokyo Skytree?

The Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting tower in Sumida which broadcasts 9 television channels and 5 radio stations. It was also designed to house two observation decks for visitors to enjoy! It’s been the tallest structure in Japan since 2010, and, at 2080 feet (634 meters), is the second tallest building in the world following the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The observation decks are called the Tembo Deck, 350 meters high, and the Tembo Galleria, which is 450 meters high. Both offer incredible views of the city, and on a clear day, you can even see as far as Mount Fuji.

What’s the difference between the Tembo Deck and the Tembo Galleria?

The Tembo Deck is 100 meters lower than the Tembo Galleria and is also much busier since the tickets are cheaper. The deck has 3 floors: the top floor has large windows and offers the best views of the city, the middle floor has a souvenir shop and a restaurant that serves French-Japanese cuisine, and the lower floor has a café where you can enjoy the view with a cup of coffee and a snack.

Is the Tembo Galleria worth the extra cost?

It depends. It’s fun to be able to say you’ve been as high up as it’s possible to go in Tokyo, and you might get to see more of the Kanto region from the higher deck, especially on a clear day. Plus, as it’s a more expensive ticket, the Galleria tends to be less crowded, so you’ll have more space to take photos. However, if you’re interested in the view of Tokyo, you won’t find yourself able to see anything extra from higher up. There aren’t any extremely tall buildings close to the Skytree, so the view from the Tembo Deck isn’t obstructed in any way. Having said that, if you book online you can find some great deals that include the Tembo Galleria, and might even work out cheaper than tickets to the lower deck bought on the day.

How long will a trip to the Tokyo Skytree take?

It depends on how much you enjoy looking at views! From the elevator ride onwards, most people spend between one and two hours enjoying the view from either one or both observation decks. However, if you’re planning on eating lunch at the top then you might want to schedule in around three hours instead.

What things can you do or see near the Tokyo Skytree?

There are lots of things to do in the building at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree! Tokyo Skytree Town includes dozens of restaurants and shops, plus the Sumida Aquarium and the Konica Minolta Planetarium where you can lie back and look at the stars at any time of the day. There’s also the Postal Museum, where you can learn about the history of Japan’s post office. Tokyo Skytree is also reasonably close to Sensō-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, so you might want to visit both sights on the same day.

General Information

Opening Hours:

The Tokyo Skytree is open from 8 am to 10 pm daily. Last admission is at 9 pm. The ticket desk is open from 10 am to 9 pm.


Same-day tickets for the Tembo deck (350 meters up) cost ¥2,060 for adults, ¥1,540 for children aged 12-17, ¥930 for children aged 6-11, and ¥620 for children aged 4-5. Same-day tickets for the Tembo Galleria (450 meters up) cost an additional ¥1,030 for adults, ¥820 for children aged 12-17, ¥510 for children aged 6-11, and ¥310 for children aged 4-5. Children under the age of 3 can enter free of charge.


Tokyo Skytree
1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage
Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045

How to get there:

Tokyo Skytree can be accessed via train to Tokyo Skytree station (Tobu Skytree line), Oshiage Station (Keisei Line, Toei Asakusa Line, or the Hanzomon Line of the Tokyo metro), or Asakusa Station (Ginza line of the Tokyo metro). A shuttle is also available from the following terminal locations: Tokyo Station, Ueno-Asakusa Area, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Disney Resort®, Odaiba area, Wakoshi Station, Asakadai Station, and Shiki Station (on the Tobu Tojo Line).
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