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Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky Theater is one of the best-known theaters for opera and ballet in the world and has been putting on first-class performances since 1860. It’s the home theater of one of Russia’s most famous ballet troupes, the Mariinksy Ballet, formerly the Imperial Russian Ballet, and visitors can find tickets for one of their breath-taking performances from several different online providers.
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Viator Exclusive: Mariinsky Theatre Ballet and Russian Dinner with a Ballet Dancer

Turn your visit to St. Petersburg into a truly unforgettable experience - get a great pleasure of seeing one of the most beautiful performances of Russian Ballet School in the Oldest Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet. Tart up your evening with meeting with a Mariinsky Ballet dancer after their performance while enjoying a 2-course dinner at a nearby restaurant. During your 25 to 30-minute chat with the ballet dancer, you can ask about the challenges that the dancers experience in their careers or ask about funny and interesting stories in their ballet life, or even ask about the ballerina's diet. Everything you want to know about the world's best ballet company. Enjoy a traditional Russian dinner while talking to a young, promising ballet dancer of the Mariinsky theatre!

General Information

Opening hours

For the starting times of the various concerts, operas, and ballet performances which take place in the theater, please consult the official website of the Mariinsky Theater.


Theater Square 1
190000 St. Petersburg


Ticket prices vary depending on the particular performance you’d like to see and you preferred category of seat. We advise guests to use authorized vendors only.

How to get there

The easiest way to travel to the Mariinsky Theater is to head directly to Teatralnaya bus stop, which is served by bus numbers 2, 3, 27, and 50, as well as minibus numbers K-1, K-2, K-62, K-124, and K-350.
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