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Welcome to Dubrovnik! This city on the Adriatic Sea is one of the most popular tourist spots in Croatia, with visitors flocking to swim in the clear blue sea, enjoy the beaches, explore the nearby islands, and discover the ancient walls that surround the city. It featured as a filming location for Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which has boosted its profile in recent years. It’s best to visit during summer so that you can enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean weather.
Anneliese O'MalleyBy Anneliese O'Malley

The 10 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Whether you want to explore the historical old town or see more of Croatia, we've gathered the top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik in this list to help you plan your ideal itinerary.
Walls of Dubrovnik

See the Walls

The Walls of Dubrovnik are iconic, both due to their history and their use as the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. They’re the city’s most popular tourist attraction and are a must-see stop for any visitor. As part of the walled complex, you should also stop at Fort Lovrijenac, which was an important part of the city’s defenses.
Take a Boat Tour.

Enjoy a Boat Trip

Take advantage of the beautiful waters around Dubrovnik to go on a boat trip or cruise! Whether you stay close to the harbor or sail all the way to nearby Montenegro, there is a range of options for any budding mariners.
Cruises & Water Tours
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Day Trip to Mostar | Flickr: Txetxu. CC BY-SA 2.0

Explore on a Day Trip

There are several different day trip destinations that are well-worth investigating! From trips to Mostar and the Kravice waterfalls to the vineyards near Korčula, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The day trips to the Elaphite Islands are especially recommended for the chance to see their natural beauty and enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea.
Day Trips
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Krka National Park

Visit Krka National Park

Known for a series of seven stunning waterfalls, its nature trails, and the Krka Monastery, the Krka National Park is a must-see attraction for anyone keen to get out of the city and experience Croatia’s beautiful countryside.
Krka National Park
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Enjoy a Walk around Dubrovnik

Take a Walking Tour

Dubrovnik is a small city that is easy to see on foot. Learn all about the town, its history, and its secrets on a walking tour with an expert guide. There are even several Game of Thrones-themed tours that will show you all of the locations that were used by the cast and crew.
Walking Tours
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A Wine Cellar in Pelješac - Matusko | Flickr: Miroslav Vajdic CC BY-SA 2.0

Go Wine-Tasting

Coastal Croatia is a unique wine region, with the Pelješac peninsula a short drive away from Dubrovnik. There you’ll be able to sample wines made from locally grown grape varieties while enjoying the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.
Food Experiences
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Sunset in Dubrovnik

Enjoy the Sunset

There’s nothing like a sunset over the sea, and Dubrovnik is the perfect place to enjoy the amber glow of dusk. Take a walking tour, a sunset boat ride, or a tour after dark to experience the city in a different light.
Night Experiences
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Dubrovnik by Bike | Flickr: Jeff Holker Photography CC BY 2.0

Take a Cycling Tour

The countryside outside Dubrovnik is ideal for those who love to explore on two wheels. Guided bike tours can help you explore the best paths for all levels of ability and experience.
Bike Experiences
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Enjoy an Active Vacation on Land or Sea

Get Active Outdoors

Fans of adventure take note, Dubrovnik is a great base for anyone wanting to take part in a range of activities and outdoor sports, from snorkeling and kayaking to getting a scuba diving qualification.
Outdoor Activities & Sport
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Learn How to Cook Traditional Dalmatian Dishes | Flickr: KLMircea CC BY-SA 2.0

Learn Something New

It’s always fun to learn something new while on vacation, and there are a range of options on offer in Dubrovnik. You can try traditional Dalmatian cooking classes in order to get to know the local culture or take a diving course so that you can explore the sea on an underwater adventure.
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