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Trastevere District

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The charming district of Trastevere is located on the western bank of the Tiber river. This neighborhood is known for its bohemian flair, historical beauty, and lively atmosphere. The history of Trastevere dates back from ancient origins to its current role as a cultural center of the Eternal City of Rome. Just a short walk across the river brings visitors to trendy restaurants, narrow streets, colorful squares, picturesque houses, street artists, and small shops with high-quality, handmade products.
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Discover the most charming district of Rome on a tour.
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Rome: Trastevere Roman Food Guided Walking Tour
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Trastevere: Segway Tour (private)
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Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere Tour Rome
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Rome: Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Wine Tasting
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Enjoy pizza, pasta, and a little vino on culinary tours through Trastevere.
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Rome Wine & Food Tour in Trastevere Jewish Ghetto Campo de Fiori
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The Roman Food Tour in Trastevere with Free-Flowing Fine Wine
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Eating Rome: Trastevere Pasta Making Class
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Rome: Trastevere Food Tour & Dinner in a Roman Villa
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9 tips for visiting the Trastevere District

The streets of Trastevere
Stroll through the alleyways on footTrastevere is a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and charming squares. The best way to discover this district is on foot. Take an evening to wander through the cobbled streets and let the authentic Roman atmosphere enchant you.
Piazza and Basilica di Santa Maria | Flickr: Matt Brisher CC-BY 2.0
The magnificent Basilica Santa MariaThe impressive church Basilica Santa Maria is the landmark of the district. Explore the history of this sacred place and admire its impressive architecture.
The Piazza di Santa Maria and the 'Roman Movida'In the immediate vicinity to the basilica is the lively 'Piazza di Santa Maria'. In the evening, this place transforms into the center of the ‘Roman Movida’. Trastevere, in particular, is closely associated with the so-called movida, a Spanish word that is now also frequently used in Italy to describe the custom of enjoying a night out by moving from one place to another. The surrounding pubs and restaurants set up their tables outdoors. Every evening, the party crowd gathers punctually on the steps of the fountain at Piazza di Santa Maria. Sit down in a café and enjoy an espresso and Aperol, or linger a while and watch street artists create incredible images with sprays. Also, various market events and musical as well as cultural initiatives often take place in the square.
Try the local cuisineTrastevere is known for its first-class Italian cuisine. That's why it's no wonder that many food tours go through Trastevere. Enjoy traditional Roman dishes in a cozy Osteria or Trattoria.
Experience the nightlifeTrastevere truly comes to life after dark. Explore the lively bars and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.
Find a spot on the steps of Piazza TrilussaAt sunset, this otherwise inconspicuous square comes to life. Listen to the street musicians with a glass of wine in hand and enjoy the music and colorful bustle.
Market Bustle in TrastevereThe Mercato di San Cosimato offers fresh produce, local delicacies, and handicrafts. A perfect place to shop for a few souvenirs. The Flea Market Porta Portese takes place every Sunday in the streets around Piazza Porta Portese and has everything from antiques, decorative items, furniture to clothing - there is nothing you can't find here! Street food, music, and crafts can be found along the Tiber at the Nachtmarkt Lungotevere.
Enjoy the View from the Gianicolo HillRome is built on seven hills, correct. Although the Gianicolo Hill is not one of them, from it you can look upon these 7 hills and the entire city of Rome. Therefore, walk up to the Gianicolo Hill for a breathtaking view of the eternal city. The view is especially picturesque at sunset. Also at the top of the hill, you will find the fountain Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, known from the Oscar-winning film La Grande Bellezza. It's a popular backdrop for wedding photo shoots.
Make a detour into the underworldBeneath the ‘Basilica di San Crisogono', one can find the floor plans of older churches from the 5th and 8th century AD, as well as fragments of wall paintings from various centuries, from the 8th to the 11th century AD. As the ground level rose, the old church was filled in during the 12th century and a new one was built. The predecessors of today's basilica, accessible via a staircase in the sacristy, were excavated in three archaeological campaigns and are today referred to as the lower church.
Trastevere | Flickr: Michiel Jelijs CC-BY 2.0

The Trastevere district

Trattoria in Trastevere | Flickr: Jorge Franganillo CC-BY 2.0

Past meets present

Away from the beaten paths around the Colosseum or the Vatican is a neighborhood that has long been no secret. The charming district on the western side of the Tiber gives insights into the authentically Roman. Trastevere, which means 'beyond the Tiber', has retained its rustic charm and presents itself as a place where the past meets the present. The narrow alleys, overgrown with colorful flowers, convey a feeling of walking in a time capsule from the Rome of centuries past. The Artisan Shops and the trendy venues reflect contemporary Rome.

One trend chases the other

In Trastevere past meets present, trends meet tradition. One such place that combines both is the trendy Ristorante Tonnarello. The restaurant was opened in 1876 and celebrates traditional Roman cuisine. At the same time, it is 'THE Instagram hype' - hundreds of hungry tourists queue up every evening to eat the famous Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe or Carbonara.

Similar scenes unfold at Piazza di Santa Maria. The church rising behind it is the oldest Marian church in Rome and gives a feeling of taking a walk through Rome's history. However, the atmosphere is interrupted by modern bars serving young couples Aperol at sunset.

Trastevere is a deserved hype in the Instagram society. But for those who do not want to queue at Tonnarello, it is better to go to Rione 13. There, many food tours of Trastevere also stop - it was one of my highlights in Rome! The way is a bit further but definitely worth the short walk.
Trastevere | Flickr: Ben Demey CC-BY 2.0

The 'Roman Movida'

Those who don't want to eat at a restaurant during their excursion to Trastevere can grab a pizza-sandwich at the new, trendy Street Food Trapizzino. The name Trapizzino is a fusion of Tramezzino and Pizza. With that, and a chilled bottle of wine from the supermarket, you can stroll over to Piazza Trilussa and listen to the street musicians. During my vacation in Rome, I was very lucky to experience a virtuoso guitarist with the voice of an angel. The next day, luck was not as kind, and after the poor performance of Eye of the Tiger, I quickly moved on. Nevertheless, it was entertaining!

Although Trastevere is no longer an insider tip, it remains a true jewel of the city of Rome and has preserved its own rhythm. The hustle and bustle of Rome's touristic hotspots have not yet reached Trastevere. Even as a visitor, I took a bit more time in Trastevere to enjoy the hustle and bustle. At the tables of the small trattorias sit old Italian men with a glass of red wine in hand, and at Piazza di Santa Maria, I watch the talented sprayers whom I normally walk past. When the sun sets, Trastevere comes to life, the influencers come out with new foodie posts from their authentic Roman osteria or trattoria. In the bars and clubs, they meet with locals and other visitors, enjoying the warm Roman night air, mixed with the unique ambiance of the district.

In a city that is often overshadowed by the grandeur of its ancient monuments, Trastevere reminds us that Rome is not just made of stones, but also of stories, people, and the joy of life that flows through the streets. It is the place where the past comes alive in the present and the essence of Rome is palpable in every cobblestone. Trastevere is not just a district; it is the beating heart of Rome that pulses and nourishes the soul of the Eternal City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any options to refill my water bottle in Trastevere?

Throughout Rome, including Trastevere, there are small fountains or 'Nasoni', which are drinking water dispensers. If you don't have a bottle, you can simply block the spout with your finger and let the water squirt from the upper hole directly into your mouth. By the way, it's forbidden to touch the various spouts directly with your mouth. Read more.

When is the best time to visit Trastevere?

The best time for a visit is in the spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant and the district is in full bloom. The summer months can be very busy. Read more.

Are there special events in Trastevere?

There are various events, especially during the holidays, which make the district even more lively. It is worth checking for current events before visiting. Read more.

Are there accommodation options in Trastevere?

Yes, Trastevere offers a variety of accommodation options, including boutique hotels, guesthouses, and holiday apartments. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel times. Read more.

Are there guided tours through Trastevere?

Yes, there are various guided tours that present historical details as well as the culinary highlights of the district. These tours provide a good opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Trastevere. Read more.

General information

opening hours

In Trastevere, you can find something to do at any time of day or night! Our tip: Take an afternoon to explore the neighborhood, stay for dinner, and see where the night takes you.


Entry to the district of Rome is of course free. Anyone who wants to get to know the district and its famous cuisine better can book a (food) tour.


There is no direct address for Trastevere. However, Piazza Trilussa is a good starting point for your tour.
Piazza Trilussa
00153 Rome

how to get there

From Termini main station, you can take tram line 8, which goes directly to Trastevere. Alternatively, buses are available that serve the district.
The nearest subway station is 'Piramide' (Line B). From there, you can take buses or walk to Trastevere.
If you are near the city center, walking to Trastevere over one of the bridges crossing the Tiber is a wonderful way to reach the area. The Ponte Sisto is one of the pedestrian bridges that leads directly to Trastevere.
You can also rent a bike or an e-scooter to explore the city and get to Trastevere quickly.
By car, you should note that parking in Trastevere can often be a challenge. Instead, consider taking a taxi or an Uber. If your hotel is in Trastevere, some offer parking for their guests.
Jessica Donev
Written byJessica DonevJessica is the definition of Jack of all trades. When she wants to do something, she just does it. That's why Jessica is an event manager, professional dancer, trainer, content creator, speaker / presenter in training and much more. Having traveled the world a lot, she knows what's important when traveling and shares it with you here on TicketLens.
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